#SocialMediaMajor? - PA School to Begin Offering a Major in Social Media

#SocialMediaMajor? - PA School to Begin Offering a Major in Social Media
Susan Dutca-Lovell

What if your college course load included "Instagram 101" or "History of Facebook 202"? Have you ever wanted to major in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Well, you can this upcoming fall if you are a student at Kutztown University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Social Media Theory and Strategy.

Though not the first of its kind, Kutztown's new "cutting-edge program" will help prepare students for careers in the corporate and non-profit realms since "social media is intricately woven into our economic, civic and social lives," according to one Associate Professor of English. "Those who don't become adept at producing and analyzing it are increasingly at risk."

Earning a social media major isn't just about knowing how to tweet or create the perfect Instagram hashtag. Students "gain theoretical and professional knowledge that will enable them to understand the key issues and challenges within social media." This could include designing websites, creating creative and meaningful content, understanding and knowing online data analytics, SEO, and other marketing tactics.

There are other colleges and universities that currently offer certificate degrees in social media and other marketing and digital media programs offer a focus in social media. Since February 13th of this year, jobs that include "social media" involvement have increased by 37 percent. Employers are willing to offer competitive salaries for those who are savvy in social media, as the job is in high demand. One digital marketing account manager states that "this major would not only benefit students, but would benefit companies...primarily because the major is a rarity and would provide a much more appealing skill-set on a resume that current majors are unable to provide."

Schools that offer similar social media degrees and programs include the University of Southern California, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications, Newberry College, Pratt Institute, St. Philip's College-Southwest Campus, Austin Community College, DePaul University, and more!

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