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SOTW: Hays C. Kirby Scholarship Contest

SOTW: Hays C. Kirby Scholarship Contest
Suada Kolovic

Anyone who knew Joe Foss, or is familiar with his life knows that Joe believed in service to others and his country. His words: “I’m proud to be an American. I’m humbled to have been able to serve this great country and fight for its matchless Constitution;” reflect the values by which he lived.

The Joe Foss Institute has developed video and essay scholarship contests that ask students to take time to consider what the Founding documents mean, as well as the sacrifices made by those brave Americans defending our freedoms. In each contest, they invite high school students to submit an entry based upon a selected theme. This year’s theme is "American Flag & Anthem Etiquette." This contest is open to U.S citizens of all national backgrounds that are currently studying in the United States or in an American military school out of the country. Eligible contestants must be high school students in a public, private, alternative, parochial school, or a home study program. Previous JFI scholarship recipients are not eligible.

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