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Ten Shocking Celebrity College Majors

Ten Shocking Celebrity College Majors
Suada Kolovic

Due to the stagnant economy, students are flocking to majors considered "safe" (economics, engineering and computer science) and steering clear of ones that develop creative thinking and imagination (the humanities). It makes sense: The objective after graduation is to obtain a lucrative career to pay for that prestigious college education and the best way to do that is to select a major where the potential for a generous return on your investment is high. Interestingly enough, that same thought process applied to some of our favorite A-listers way back when they were considering college majors! Don’t believe us? Check out some of the more surprisingly "safe" majors chosen by celebrities below:

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Katie D. 6/10/2015
I know this wasn't entirely the point of the article, by can we all please stop spreading the myth that STEM majors are inherently uncreative or imaginative! Unless, of course, if you really do think that it is a strictly logical process to create an app/website/medicine/car/machine/ect that's going to be used by thousands (and more!) daily, each with unique and often conflicting needs. Just stop by kickstarter for dozens of designs that show why its so important to let the "artsy" side of your brain come out when tackling those "safe" problems.
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