Thanksgiving 2020 Travel Tips for College Students

Thanksgiving 2020 Travel Tips for College Students
Izzy Hall

For many college students this year, Thanksgiving is the end-of-semester holiday rather than a traditional winter break in December. Some colleges started their semesters early so they could wrap up by Thanksgiving, while others are having students finish out the semester virtually. Whatever your circumstances, it helps to have a thought-out plan on how you will be travelling from campus to home so you can enjoy the holidays with your family. Here are our tips for COVID-friendly travel this Thanksgiving.

Prepare While at School

In the days leading up to leaving campus, try to quarantine as much as possible. This means staying in the dorm, avoiding large gatherings and wearing a mask when you need to go out. If your school offers COVID testing, you may want to get a test a few days before you plan to leave. You wouldn’t want to take a test last minute and find out you were sick at the airport!

Review Your Travel Options

When making travel plans, consider driving alone - disease experts agree is the safest way to travel during COVID. For students with cars, try driving and only taking short breaks to get gas or use the restroom at rest stops may be their best option. Students who rely on travelling via public transportation, like a bus or plane, should be extra cautious during their trips.

Bring Protective Gear Aplenty

No matter the mode of transportation, students are strongly encouraged to wear masks, bring hand wipes and hand sanitizer, and make minimal pit stops, if possible. We recommend bringing your own snacks if you’re driving and avoiding drinking or eating if you’re flying or on a bus or train. Wearing a mask and a Plexiglas face shield together may look silly, but more protection, especially on public transportation, could be the difference between a negative COVID test and a positive one.

Be Flexible to Change

Go into this holiday knowing it will look different than previous Thanksgivings. Students may need to quarantine when they get home, or avoid spending time with elderly family members or those with pre-existing conditions. Remember that adapting to changes may help make for a safer and healthier holiday season.

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