The Benefits of a Free Market Economy Scholarship

The Benefits of a Free Market Economy Scholarship
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The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE), a network providing information, interaction and support for private enterprise systems, is giving away a number of scholarships. Interested students will need to write a 1000 to 2000 word essay answering one of three questions:

1. What Causes Prosperity? 2. What is the Role of Ethical Behavior in a Free Market? 3. Can Free Markets Protect the Environment?

The APEE even offers a discussion and articles on the mentioned topics to assist students in their preparation. This one is worth a shot. If you win, the prosperity question will answer itself. To find more information about this and other scholarships (including contact information), you may conduct a free college scholarship search at


1. One $2,500 cash prize 2. One $2,000 cash prize 3. One $1,500 cash prize 4. An undetermined number of honorable mentions worth $250 each. (Ten were offered last year.)


1. Applicants must be full-time students 2. Applicants must be 25 years and younger


December 1, 2007

Required Material:

1. Typed essay sent as an attachment. (In case you forget, the APEE wants to remind you to write in English.) 2. Contact information 3. Finalists will have to prove that they are students under the age of 25. (A photocopy of your student ID will need to be sent.)

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