TikTok Stars Create Scholarships for High School Athletes

TikTok Stars Create Scholarships for High School Athletes
Izzy Hall

Two TikTok Stars – Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson – are teaming up with sports social media app SporstHi to create new scholarships for underserved students. Their combined donation of $20,000 will fund four scholarships for high school athletes.

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson are not the only big names to support scholarships on SportsHi. Professional athletes Andre Drummond, Jay Hernandez and Cierra Burdick also sponsor scholarships that are currently open for applications. High school athletes interested in applying to these scholarships can download the SportsHi app to start their application.

The TikTok stars, both current college students, agree that scholarships helped them greatly when they were applying to college. Josh Richards adds that sports were an important part of his life growing up, and he feels the experiences he had in athletics positively impacted the person he is today. Both hope these scholarships help propel young athletes’ dreams forward.

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