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Top Scholarships for College Students in 2022

Top Scholarships for College Students in 2022
Ashley Eneriz

Scholarships are not just for high school seniors, so don't stop applying for award money once you graduate. There are scholarships for college students for each year of college. Apply for scholarships and grants continually through your college career because every bit of money helps.

How to Find Scholarships in 2022

Finding scholarships for college students in 2022 has never been easier. The fastest way to connect to the best awards for you is to create a free profile. Make sure you include all of your hobbies and talents.

Another place to look for college scholarships is through your school's financial aid office and your major's department. Many schools have select scholarships available to their students that they do not list publicly.

Finally, look for scholarships specific to your community through your town's Chamber of Commerce, library, or small business association. Even the best internet scholarship websites don't include every lesser-known college scholarships that are town or college-specific.

Are Scholarships Still Available in 2022?

Yes! There are thousands of scholarships for every type of person and education interest. Even individuals pursuing community college or a trade school can apply for scholarships. To access many of these scholarships, you must fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is crucial to apply for FAFSA and applicable scholarships each year you are enrolled in school.

Apply to the same scholarship each year of college, even if you did not win in the past. Many of these scholarships receive thousands of applicants yearly, so not winning one year doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy. Make sure to improve your application each time to increase your odds of winning.

Top No Essay Scholarships for College Students

We get it - you don't want to write an essay. While scholarship applications with essays do help the judging panel get better insight into who you are and how you think, it can be faster to apply for no-essay scholarships for college students. Here are a few top scholarships for college students in 2022 that are easy to apply for:

College Photographer of the Year Award

Love taking photos? College students who have been enrolled for at least a semester and have not worked in a professional media setting, including paid internships, for more than two years are eligible to send in their best shots for a chance to win an internship at National Geographic magazine, a Nikon digital camera set, NPPF scholarships, and tuition or fellowship to several elite workshops and festivals. The deadline is September 19th.

American Red Cross - Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program

You can win up to $2,500 for hosting a blood drive between June 1-August 31 next year and getting at least 25 pints of blood donated. Not only will this opportunity give you the chance to win financial aid from the American Red Cross, but it will also look good on other scholarship applications. Plus, you will be saving lives in your community.

Future Without Speciesism Award

Animal lovers, now is your chance to brainstorm an invention that protects animals - ie like SynFrog, a dissection software that doesn't use real frogs. You can submit your ideas, drawings, and photos for a chance to win $10,000.

Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship

Taco Bell wants to partner with individuals to make their higher education dreams come true. Instead of an essay, the scholarship judges want to get to know you and how your passions will change the world through a short film, testimonial, or animation. They aren't judging on film-making skills but on how well you can display your passion. There are 100 awards available for up to $25,000.

How to Win the Top Scholarships for College Students in 2022

There are thousands of scholarships at your fingertips, but you will probably only be eligible for 10% of them. It is essential to narrow down your search to your area and your degree goals. If you are from the Golden State, you have a greater chance of winning a California journalist scholarship rather than applying to scholarships that are open to everyone.

Furthermore, don't shy away from scholarships that look like a lot of work. Yes, it would be amazing to win a bunch of money for college by entering only your name into a thousand raffles, but that is not realistic. Instead, treat college scholarship applications like a job, scheduling at least an hour weekly to work on your submission.

For scholarships with many steps, such as essays and referral letters, work backward from the due date. If your application is due January 15th, and it is currently September 1st, you should create mini-deadlines for each step. For example, you might want to submit your application by January 3rd to ensure you don't miss anything, have your essay written by December 1st so you can ask two people to proofread it. You need to ask someone to write you a referral letter, but you should give them plenty of time before the busy holiday season.

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