Top Scholarships for Nursing and Medical Students

Top Scholarships for Nursing and Medical Students
Kevin Ladd

Nursing school, CNA, RN, RNA, pre-med, medical school… There are so many paths one can take in medicine, none of them cheap. As is true with all college majors, the best way to avoid a mountain of student loan debt once you have graduated is to find scholarships and grants. Those who will ultimately be getting their M.D. spend even more time in school, often 8 years or even longer, making it even more important to find and apply for scholarships.

Nursing and medical school grants and scholarships are out there and that includes undergrad and grad school, so make sure to continue to search and apply each year. Today we will focus primarily on scholarships for current high school students. Below are a few scholarships to get you started. For a more comprehensive list of scholarships, you can view our directory of Medicine Scholarships or our listing of Nursing Scholarships.

Healthcare and Medical Scholarships

Gritman Scholarships
Academic scholarships are available for both high school and college students studying in the health care field. Awards range from $500 to $2,000.

Hope for Healing Scholarship
Awards applicable to academic focus in an area of study related to mental and behavioral health, nursing or addiction medicine. Regarding the required GPA, there is a 3.0 required GPA for those who are applying as freshmen or at higher levels.

Power Life Sciences Scholarship
This scholarship supports talented university and college students who are passionate about biomedical and biopharmaceutical innovation.

NURSE Corps Scholarship Program
The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program enables students accepted or enrolled in a diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate nursing programs, including RN to BSN, RN to MSN-NP, Direct Entry MSN-NP program to receive funding for tuition, fees and other educational costs in exchange for working at an eligible NURSE Corps site upon graduation.

Nursing or Medical Scholarships For High School Students

Desire to Inspire Scholarship
The Desire To Inspire Scholarship is a one-time financial award that is dedicated to recognizing young individuals from historically underrepresented minority groups who are interested in a career in healthcare and are making a determined effort to inspire others in some way.

Golden Door Scholars
Golden Door awards large scholarships to high performing students with DACA, TPS, or undocumented students who meet the newly expanded eligibility criteria. This is a $30,000 award. Applicants should be taking advanced or challenging high school classes, be driven to excel and help others succeed.

American Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards
The American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award Program (AINS) was started by the NSCDA in 1928 to give students of American Indian descent the opportunity to pursue careers in nursing or anything health-related. The current goal is to grant a $1,500 scholarship each semester, as long as the student remains in academic good standing. The scholarship money is restricted to tuition and specific academic expenses.

Search for Scholarships Early and Often

In summary, the above are merely a drop in the ocean of scholarships out there, some of which you may be eligible for and some of which you will not. That is why you should create a profile on if you haven't already and log-in if you have. This way, you will only see those scholarships for which you qualify to apply. Don't put it off; start applying or continue to do so today. As long as there are still scholarships available and you still have classes left to pay for, you should be trying to find all the free money you can.

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