Trump to Reverse Obama's Initiatives on College Sexual Assault?

Trump to Reverse Obama's Initiatives on College Sexual Assault?
Susan Dutca-Lovell

The incoming Trump administration could reverse President Obama's actions on college sexual assault, giving hope to those who claim their lives were destroyed by false rape claims. However, this raises concerns for some that perhaps those who have been victims of sexual assault and made legitimate reports may not get the protection they deserve.

Since 2011, colleges and universities have been pushed by the Obama administration to "more aggressively police sexual assaults." The U.S. Education Department currently has 216 schools under investigation. Other schools are reportedly "operating out of fear" rather than "cooperating with the government" often expelling students on "scant evidence...often with no legal recourse or due process." Some students who were found guilty during this time have filed lawsuits "alleging their due process rights and Title IX were violated during the investigation and ruling of the cases." The hope is that a way can be found to ensure due process and the protection of all students' rights.

Rather than focusing on "Obama's interpretation of Title IX," Trump and select Education Secretary Betsy DeVos" biggest priority is to focus on school as a whole, according to Cynthia Garrett, co-president of Families Advocating for Campus Equality. Groups representing alleged campus rape victims believe that a "dialing back of Title IX" would not "get a true ruling" or a "fair and equitable process for both process."

In your opinion, how should colleges deal with incidents of campus sexual assault? Is it possible to offer equal protection to all students and still make campuses safer and free from sexual assault?

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