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Trump to Reverse Obama's Initiatives on College Sexual Assault?

Trump to Reverse Obama's Initiatives on College Sexual Assault?
Susan Dutca-Lovell

The incoming Trump administration could reverse President Obama's actions on college sexual assault, giving hope to those who claim their lives were destroyed by false rape claims. However, this raises concerns for some that perhaps those who have been victims of sexual assault and made legitimate reports may not get the protection they deserve.

Since 2011, colleges and universities have been pushed by the Obama administration to "more aggressively police sexual assaults." The U.S. Education Department currently has 216 schools under investigation. Other schools are reportedly "operating out of fear" rather than "cooperating with the government" often expelling students on "scant evidence...often with no legal recourse or due process." Some students who were found guilty during this time have filed lawsuits "alleging their due process rights and Title IX were violated during the investigation and ruling of the cases." The hope is that a way can be found to ensure due process and the protection of all students' rights.

Rather than focusing on "Obama's interpretation of Title IX," Trump and select Education Secretary Betsy DeVos" biggest priority is to focus on school as a whole, according to Cynthia Garrett, co-president of Families Advocating for Campus Equality. Groups representing alleged campus rape victims believe that a "dialing back of Title IX" would not "get a true ruling" or a "fair and equitable process for both process."

In your opinion, how should colleges deal with incidents of campus sexual assault? Is it possible to offer equal protection to all students and still make campuses safer and free from sexual assault?

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Kadeejo W 12/6/2016
Taking away the protection of the majority, in hopes of the fraction of false cases will not be detrimental to the accused, is definitely not the way to adjust the issue of false accusations. To protect students, there need to be more patrols around dorms, making sure students have the option, at anytime to contact an on campus cop if they do not feel safe when walking back to their dorms. Students should be taught how to find signs of any drink contamination, which is the most common way of targeting people. If there are ANY, not just the major (rape), but also what would be considered as minor (grabbing), there should always be follow ups with campus police and or counselors. Lastly, students should help each other. If they see something unusual, they should not just stand by and let actions take its course. If someone claims to be raped, advice that person to complete a rape kit, and be supportive. There may be push back, but reassure that person. Stay Safe.
Maria N 11/30/2016
More patrol at the dorms, especially on the weekends when the students go out. They come back late in the day or early hours (1,2,3AM) drunk. There are house and dorm parties with underage students drinking. Nearby liquor stores sell to underage students without asking for ID just to make a sale. The dorm supervisor's or TSA's are literally partying with the students or turn a blind eye when they see liquor in an underage student's dorm room. Non-students should NEVER be allowed in the dorms regardless for any reason. Rapes are occurring at these house parties/dorms and the students are afraid of reporting the incident. When they do, there is VERY LITTLE follow-up by counselors, higher authority. My child had to take time off because of being sexually assaulted. All this was stated in the medical leave application & spoke to the counselor. To this day, NO ONE has reached out to help with counseling or follow-up on persuading my child to come forward.
Rayven G 11/30/2016
It shouldn't be removed, if we need to use fear to keep people from taking other people's rights away, then do it. Simple as that.
KJ R. 11/30/2016
It seems like schools are not doing anything about sexual allegations and disregarding the safety and well-being of the victims in these cases. I would suggest that these cases be handled by local police, but their caseload is already heavy enough. If campus police actually did their jobs, and campus administration allowed them to protect these victims, first and foremost, allegations of rape and sexual assault on campus could move towards prosecution instead of away from it.
Shaquillra T. 11/29/2016
Yes, I do think colleges should deal with sexual assault incidents that occur on campus. People want to feel comfortable where they resident at and not disrespected or violated in their own space. And most likely it happens to one it will also happen to the next. It will make people feel as if that's the way things should be. Also if someone sexually assault you while at a grade school or work, there's consequences. So why not at college?
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