University to Give New Students Free Laptops for Filing the FAFSA

University to Give New Students Free Laptops for Filing the FAFSA
Izzy Hall

The coronavirus made laptops a necessity for college students. Where before students without personal computers or laptops could use on-campus computers and provided software to meet the technological needs of their courses, the shift last spring to online classes necessitated that students have a stable internet connection and a compatible device. While the majority of students were able to meet this requirement, according to a study by EDUCASE, some students found themselves without a modern laptop that could run the most up-to-date browser, use RAM-heavy software or keep up even with reliable high-speed Wi-Fi. One university has announced a unique remedy for this technical situation.

The University of Lynchburg is offering free laptops to all incoming students who file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, aka the FAFSA. According to the university’s press release, new students and transfer students will get to choose between a Dell or Apple laptop to use throughout their time at the university. Students will also be allowed to keep their laptops upon graduation. Though the University of Lynchburg hopes to be in-person this fall, they are donating laptops to new students to cover for every possible education scenario.

Tying a free laptop to filing the FAFSA is a great idea. Not only is the FAFSA free to file and still open for filing for the 2021-2022 academic year, but filing it also helps Lynchburg determine the financial need of their incoming class, which could lead to more scholarship money for those students. The University of Lynchburg’s enrollment department is offering workshops to guide students through the FAFSA process. The other requirements for a free laptop are putting down a deposit for Fall 2021 and enrolling for at least 12 credit hours (the minimum to be registered as a full-time student.)

Have you filed the FAFSA yet? If not, you still have time to submit it to be evaluated for federal government aid and student loans. Check out our article on the FAFSA as well as our FAFSA resources for incoming college students, and be sure to try a free scholarship search today to discover more ways to win financial aid for college.

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