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UVA Dean Bashes Rolling Stone Article in Open Letter

UVA Dean Bashes Rolling Stone Article in Open Letter
Suada Kolovic

The University of Virginia's associate dean of students who was prominently featured in Rolling Stone's now retracted article "A Rape on Campus" has written an open letter of protest to the magazine's publisher, according to The Washington Post.

In the letter to Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, Nicole Eramo asserts that the magazine acted "too little, too late" in retracting the article. Eramo, who works with student survivors of sexual assault, had been characterized as callous and indifferent to what Rolling Stone described as a brutal rape. "Using me as the personification of a heartless administration, the Rolling Stone article attacked my life's work... I saw my name dragged through the mud in the national press, and have received numerous abusive, vitriolic, and threatening emails, letters and phone calls," she wrote.

In December, The Washington Post reported that there were numerous discrepancies in the magazine account and police later confirmed that they could not substantiate any major claims in the story. Meanwhile, earlier this month, a report by the Columbia University journalism school concluded that the magazine account was deeply flawed and called it a "journalistic failure." Eramo has retained legal counsel from a firm that specializes in defamation cases. (For more on this story, click here.)

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Comments (1)
Danielle F. 4/28/2015
While the false article tarnished the name of the school, a larger problem with the article is that it also trivialized what is reality for many people. In describing such a horrific case, they were representing many other students who have experienced the same situation, and when it was revealed that the facts in the article were illegitimate it cast a similar view on many people's very real experiences. The publication and later issues with the legitimacy of said article allowed the university to be cast as a victim of fiction, when this type of behavior occurs on campuses across the US, regardless of whether or not it is occurring at UVA.
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