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Want to Study Abroad? Find Scholarships

Want to Study Abroad? Find Scholarships
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A study abroad program can be the beginning of the most exciting chapter of your college experience. Often, the travel, housing, credits and even food are included in the price of the program you choose. However, this is no reason not to look for more financial opportunities!

You are doing something special by leaving the country and trying something totally new. Whether it is your love of foreign languages, a detailed historical study or a survey of ancient art, your trip is important. For this reason, a lot of organizations take an interest. Things like studying a language with a small population of speakers, or taking an interest in a very specific historical site, can be exciting and inspiring to specialists of the field. This means that there are grants and scholarships out there to help further the interest in the subject and help you complete your education.

You are going to another world, and you are going to want to soak it in! A lot of students will find they have more expenses than at home. Some of this will be because you are attending cultural events. Scholarships will help supplement your expenses so you can go see that soccer match, go to the opera, or try that traditional meal with a new friend.

One of the main reasons students go abroad is to study another language and culture. It is easy to filter scholarship results based on your specific area of interests. Search the Directory for foreign language and culture-themed scholarships. Some scholarships require a certain amount of language study to be completed, some of them need certain grades in those subjects as well. Take this grant for studying the German language, for example. You will see how it works. If you already have a couple years of German and are about to go study abroad, you could win $3,000! Make sure to also check out the associations who want to assist you. Making contact with these entities will make you aware of different cultural institutions associated with your foreign language. It is also a great networking opportunity! You will make valuable connections and have the opportunity to secure more financial aid.

Of course, there are other reasons to study abroad as well. Some subjects are all about a certain country or culture even if the language is not the focus. Imagine any subject - history, archaeology, biology, geology, religious studies, astrophysics; they all have applications and scholarships for study outside the United States. When you learn from experts around the world, any subject can take you abroad.

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