AAA Veteran Education Scholarships (USA to Australia)

September 30, 2024
Awards Available: 10

Scholarship Description

The American Australian Association (AAA) established its Veterans’ Fund in 2017 to provide much needed financial support and assistance to Australian and American honorably discharged military veterans to study in each other’s countries respectively. With over 20 veteran alumni, and US $900,000 awarded to date, the AAA is committed to investing in the future of veterans by supporting educational opportunities which build new skills and create prosperous post-military careers.

Applications are now open for the Veterans’ Education Scholarships in the USA to Australia direction. The general eligibility requirements for each specific scholarship opportunity are outlined below. Please follow the additional links to our website, for more detail on eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Opportunities: The AAA's Veterans' Fund will provide support of up to US $40,000 to honorably discharged post-9/11 American military veterans, undertaking or planning to undertake full-time Undergraduate or Graduate-level study at an accredited educational institution in Australia for a minimum of one-year.

• Multi-Disciplinary Scholarships: Support Undergraduate or Graduate level study in any disciplinary field. • AAA - Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship: Will support a disabled American veteran who has been wounded or injured in a post-9/11 service-related event at Graduate level or above in any disciplinary field.

Eligibility: Eligibility requirements vary depending on the specific scholarship. The general eligibility is listed below: • Applicants must be honorably discharged post-9/11 military American veterans; • Applicants must be American citizens or permanent residents (dual citizens or permanent residents are not eligible); • Applicants must be applying for one-year of full-time undergraduate or graduate-level study or research in Australia;

Please note; • Applicants do not have to be accepted into a university in Australia at the time of application but should be actively looking for placement. If awarded, scholars will have up to two years to find placement and begin their scholarship; • You may apply if you have already begun your studies in Australia; • Scholarship funds may be used to support travel, living, tuition or other associated educational costs and may be used in conjunction with other support such as the GI bill. Scholarship Search