Marathon Petroleum Educational Reimbursement Plan

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Scholarship Description

Marathon Petroleum offers educational reimbursement benefits to encourage self-development by providing financial assistance for certain education-related expenses. This benefit is intended to encourage professionalism and assist you in increasing effectiveness in your current position, preparing you for possible advancement, and/or increasing your adaptability to new ideas and change. The Educational Reimbursement Plan offers financial assistance for two types of education-related expenses: (1) tuition reimbursement for courses under an approved degree program or single courses outside a degree program, and (2) certification and licensing reimbursement for an approved licensing or professional certification program.

You are eligible for the Educational Reimbursement Plan (the “Plan”) if you are a regular full-time or regular part-time employee both at the time of enrollment in the course and at the time the course is completed. (Courses that begin prior to your MPC employment date are not eligible for reimbursement.) In order to qualify for benefits under this Plan, you must have been in your position a reasonable amount of time to allow pursuit of further education or licensing without impacting your job performance, and your course/program schedule should not conflict with your regular work schedule. Eligible degree programs include an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, and a Master’s Degree, including an Executive Masters of Business Administration (“EMBA”). Scholarship Search