Sid Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund

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March 15, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The Sid Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for college and graduate education and post-secondary vocational training for children and grandchildren of eligible retirees and employees of businesses previously owned and operated by Sid Richardson and designated successor companies and organizations. There are no limits to the number of eligible family members who may apply for a scholarship.

Once eligibility has been established, the Sid Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide applicant with a link to the online scholarship application and detailed instructions. Applicants are evaluated by an independent Selection Committee on a competitive basis based on academic achievement, record of service, extracurricular activities, leadership and/or financial need. The Internal Revenue Service requirements limit the number of new scholarships that can be awarded each year to 25% of the number of applications received. Dollar amounts for the scholarships will vary. Scholarship Search