UCLA Freshman Alumni Scholarship

March 2, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The UCLA Alumni Scholarships are merit and leadership scholarships awarded through an application screening by alumni volunteers and selection by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. By completing one application, you will be considered to receive one of the many scholarships provided through the Alumni Scholarships Program. The first round of Alumni Scholarship offers are made to top-ranked scholars within a week of UCLA Admissions decisions. If you do not receive an offer during this initial round, you may still receive an Alumni Scholarship. Awards continue to be made throughout the summer, as students are matched to the restricted scholarships within the program. In general, most are completed by August, and we will send out an email informing applicants the awarding has closed at that time.

Being an Alumni Scholar is more than just receiving a scholarship. Scholars are involved in campus events and organizations, increase their connections to the university, build their leadership skills at UCLA and stay involved as alumni. Benefits include membership in the prestigious Alumni Scholars Club (ASC), access to cutting-edge leadership development programming, alumni-to-student mentoring and networking opportunities with UCLA alumni. Members are also eligible to receive additional need-based funding.

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