AIEF Undergraduate Scholarships

April 4, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

Applications submitted by eligible Native American students each spring are reviewed by members of the Scholarship Committee, who award the competitive grants. Up to $2,000 per year is paid directly to each recipient’s college or university (We do not fund online postsecondary institutions). Grantees must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0 and submit grades to us each semester.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Complete an Undergraduate Scholarship Application
  • Provide documentation of tribal enrollment for yourself or a parent.
  • Provide transcripts with ACT and GPA scores.
  • Enroll in an accredited technical school, college, or university as a full-time undergraduate.

All undergraduate students who meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply for an American Indian Undergraduate Scholarship. Please note, the deadline for the current scholarship application is April 4th.

American Indian Education Fund, a program of PWNA, offers scholarships, literacy programs, and school supplies to help end the cycle of poverty. Education is one of the most important cornerstones of self-sufficiency and quality of life. It is also a crucial factor in addressing the long-term challenges on the reservations we serve. This helps tie in to our vision, which is strong, self-sufficient Native American communities. Scholarship Search