American Water Works Association Scholarships

December 19, 2024
Awards Available: 27

Scholarship Description

You may have never considered the water sector for you career, but there are scholarships available for engineering, water studies, policy, communications, technology, finance, legal and water research. Check out the scholarships available below for graduate and undergraduate studies.

American Water Works Association is developing the world’s largest scholarship program for the world’s largest water association. Currently offering over $200,000 in academic scholarships and achievement awards, our corporate donors trust the AWWA Water Equation to manage and collect applications from the best and the brightest students in North America, to guide the judging and ranking through a qualified scholarship committee, and to award the top candidates.

Scholarships are offered for undergraduate and graduate studies in water research, engineering, finance, IT, legal, communications and policy. Each corporate sponsored scholarship has its own application and there is one common application for the water research scholarships offered by AWWA.

The AWWA Scholarship program awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students attending accredited universities and colleges in North America who meet the requirements of each individual scholarship. International students attending a university or college in North America also qualify for a scholarship. Scholarship Search