Hess-Newman-Jargowsky-Stoker Scholarship

Deadline Varies
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The University of Virginia Alumni Association administers more than 250 different scholarships ranging from modest stipends to full tuition, room and board. Many of these scholarships are available through an application process independent of the University’s financial aid process. If you are not currently a full-time UVA student (such as an incoming first-year or transfer student), please contact us to determine eligibility before applying. All scholarships will be divided over two semesters unless indicated.

The Hess-Newman-Jargowsky-Stoker Scholarship is available to students at the University of Virginia who have had their lives touched by cancer. In order to apply, students must be currently enrolled full-time at the University of Virginia. This is only for second-year and third-year students. You must be enrolled full-time at UVA during the semester(s) in which the scholarship is paid. Money will not be retroactively applied to previous semesters.

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