Educators understands and appreciates the time and effort that educators and counselors invest in their students and families when it comes to college and financial aid planning. That is why we built this resource to help you help your students with access to upcoming scholarship deadlines, downloadable and printable reference guides, student and parent handouts and other resources.

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

Create an account or login to see a list of scholarships coming due in the next 30 days along with qualifying criteria. You can easily share these with your students who may be a good fit for these opportunities.

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Printable Handouts and Resources

Take from the Internet to your school with our free, timely, downloadable and printable reference guides. Hang up or hand out easy-to-understand resources like academic calendars, scholarship application checklists and senior-year timelines. Poster

NEW!! - Our newly designed poster gives you and your students a quick introduction to the scholarship search process. Let your students know how they can easily find scholarships by printing and hanging it in your office or handing out at your next financial aid night.

5 Steps to a Successful Scholarship Search

This handout helps students step-by-step through the scholarship search to help them get the most financial aid possible for college.

Top 10 Student Resources

What are the most important things to know about the college and scholarship search and application process? Help your students find the answers to their questions.

Academic Calendar 2021-2022

This calendar lists SAT, ACT, PSAT and NMSQT test days and registration deadlines. Students have a lot on their minds - this handout will make sure they never miss a test date.

Scholarship Application Checklist

With this checklist, students can be sure to receive the best possible aid package by having all the necessary financial aid paperwork and making the important deadlines.

College Application Checklist

This checklist helps students and families stay on top of college application paperwork for their top colleges and universities so that they never miss a task or deadline.

College Application Timeline

Students can print this one-page handout to stay on track with their college applications, tasks, and deadlines.