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Have questions such as: “When should I start looking for scholarships?”, “Who do I contact for more information?”, “When are the next standardized tests taking place?”, or “Which scholarships should I apply for/have applied for?” We can help you answer these questions and many more, while keeping you up to date on countless scholarship opportunities.

Below are links to our free student resources, available to print and post in your office, or at your next college fair. These include top ten lists, academic planning guides, and scholarship/college application checklists.

Printable Resource Materials

Top 10 Student Resources

Click here for a poster of the Top 10 Student Resources, to post in your school. Resources include: "Action Plan for High School Students”, "Why Go to College", "10 Ways to Jumpstart College Planning", and more!

Keep searching for free money for college, and remember, for a free scholarship search visit our homepage at www.scholarships.com.

Also, be sure to link to us so your students will have access to the best, most trustworthy scholarship and financial aid resource on the web! Click here to learn more about linking to Scholarships.com

Academic Calendar & Financial Aid Reference Guide - High School Juniors

Download and print this incredibly handy and helpful timeline for high school juniors. Help your students keep up with important ACT/SAT test dates and when to start looking at schools. They will also get suggestions about counselor visits and when to start looking at potential colleges and majors. You can only be there to answer questions so often. Scholarships.com is available 24/7 to help guide you on your way to and through college!

Following this timeline will put your students ahead of the game when applying for college, and prepare them for a successful senior year.

Academic Calendar & Financial Aid Reference Guide - High School Seniors

Download and print a helpful timeline for high school seniors including when to start, finish, and submit college applications and financial aid application deadlines.

Remember, students must meet deadlines to be accepted to college and get financial aid, so use these posters to make sure your students meet their deadlines.

Scholarship Application Guide

Download and print our scholarship application guidelines to help students keep their information organized. The less a student has to worry about their checklist, the more time they will have to write a winning scholarship essay, and submit a winning application.

To avoid as many loans as possible, keep track of your information, and fill out as many winning applications as possible.

College Application Guide

the college application checklist to keep organized and stay on top of deadlines. This checklist is especially important for students looking to apply early action. Remember to submit the FAFSA before you start filling out applications.

Ask for letters of recommendations in August to give your teachers plenty of time to write a meaningful letter. Submit all of your applications at least two weeks before the deadline in case there are any complications.

Filling the Gap: Scholarships (PowerPoint Presentation)

An in-depth presentation on finding and winning scholarships. The PowerPoint covers the basics, such as FAFSA, and more specific scholarships such as special interest and unique scholarships. Financial aid is essential to fund a college education, so make sure your students are aware of their options. Links to our resource pages will further answer questions about the entire process.


What is Scholarships.com?

Scholarships.com provides a safe and reliable way for students to find relevant scholarship opportunities, compare colleges and learn about financial aid.

Why Recommend Scholarships.com?

Scholarships.com is dedicated to making college more accessible through scholarship opportunities and financial aid education. To get further insight on the experience, read our members' testimonials.

How is Scholarships.com Different?

Scholarships.com has spent the past 17 years building and confirming the legitimacy of every scholarship opportunity in our database. The best part: there are no fees.

We hope you find our free scholarship search and resources helpful and encourage you to visit back often. Linking to us will ensure your students are using a reliable source while searching for scholarships and other financial aid information. Contact us with any questions and/or suggestions. We encourage feedback to help improve our website and resources regularly. Many thanks to the parents and educators providing the feedback we need, and to the students who visit our site.

Last Reviewed: August 2017