Updated: January 16, 2020

Letter to Educators

RE: Give Your Students The Financial Aid Resources They Need


Dear High School Educators,

Once again this year, your high school seniors (and many juniors) are working hard to get the grades and test scores they will need to be accepted to their dream schools. Many of them still don't know how they are going to afford tuition and myriad other college costs. Unfortunately, many will take on significant student debt. Since 1999, Scholarships.com is here to help.

Here's how we can help you help your students:

  1. Scholarships.com offers a FREE college scholarship search. In under 5 minutes, your students will have created their profile and be viewing their scholarship matches for which they qualify. We will provide a description of each of them and all the information they will need to apply!

  2. Scholarships.com also offers a FREE college scholarship directory. For those who want to skip the registration process and search for scholarships by a sport or instrument they play or a major they are considering pursuing, they can dive right in.

  3. Scholarships.com has a college search tool you and your students can use to research and compare every accredited college and university in the U.S.

As an educator you can also create your own account to get access to upcoming college scholarships you can easily share with your students. If you like the enclosed poster, you can print more copies along with additional downloadable resources to help guide your students through the college application and financial aid process. Please visit www.scholarships.com/educators.

To make sure the College Resource section on your school'ss website is providing your students with the best and safest way to find free money for college and avoid student loan debt, link to www.scholarships.com.

A final plea; our goal is to help students find the funds for college and avoid student loan debt. Please have your students create an account, conduct a free college scholarship search, and apply for a dozen or so of their scholarship matches. Our hope is that they'll attend college at a reduced cost or even with a full-ride.

If you have any questions about linking to Scholarships.com, the Scholarships.com free college scholarship search, the college search tool, or about the Educators section, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime via email or phone.


Kevin N. Ladd
Chief Operating Officer