NAMI Merit Scholarship

May 31, 2025
Awards Available: 7

Scholarship Description

The Scholarship Foundation is seeking to recognize the best and brightest undergraduates majoring in Meat or Poultry Science, Animal Science or Culinary Arts and Science. The Foundation wants to provide the financial support to continue their studies and become the future of the meat industry. The Following Scholarships are available. The Scholarship Foundation will award one $10,000 Barry Carpenter Scholarship and numerous $5,000 scholarships.


  • Minimum cumulative 2.75 Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Must have the recommendation of a faculty member familiar with their work.
  • Must be enrolled in an approved program at the time the scholarship becomes effective.

Only undergraduate sophomores, juniors, and seniors and graduate students pursuing an approved program in Animal Science, Meat Science, Food Science or related discipline at an accredited educational institution are eligible. Applicants must be attending 4-year colleges or universities with either Animal, Meat of Food Science departments, or attending an accredited culinary program. Applicants who receive an award must remain enrolled in the approved major and educational institution. Awardees who withdraw from school or transfer to another major during the term of their scholarship must return the award to the NAMI Scholarship Foundation. Scholarship Search