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  • Founded by technology entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel in 2011, the Thiel Fellowship is a two-year program for young people who want to build new things. Thiel Fellows skip or stop out of college to receive a $100,000 grant and support from the Thiel Foundation's network of founders, investors, and scientists. Between 20-30 Fellows are selected annually. You do not need a pitch deck to apply, but it helps. A short deck or prospectus is a great way to state clearly and concisely what you're working on. You may apply for the fellowship if you are in school, though if you're selected you'll need to stop out in order to accept the Fellowship. There is no application deadline since we accept rolling applications. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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Armando B  on 10/11/2020 12:14:52 AM

I'm applying to this scholarship because I need help financially applying to graduate school. My undergraduate degree is bachelors in chemistry and want to pursue master in entrepreneur. With this scholarship I can go further to develop internship programs for minorities pursuing the science. The reason for this is because when I was in my undergraduate studies I had a hard time in school. Both my parents had middle school education; in school I was seen as "Mexican" which I didnt get the support as should have due to my racial back ground. I had little to no help in my undergraduate which made my studies difficult. With help with this scholarship; it will help greatly on paying for graduate school to accomplishing my goal creating internship programs for minorities pursuing in the sciences

Jakob S  on 11/29/2018 1:13:11 AM

If we currently arent working on a project but have plans to in the future may we apply for this scholarship, im a determined student who wants you go into entrepreneurship some day.

Serenity J  on 11/23/2018 12:48:31 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because i will be graduating soon and i am always worrying about how i will get into college. I continue to wonder are my hopes, dreams and aspirations enough to let a college, will my goals make me the one of a kind person that colleges want at there schools. i just want the opportunity to show people i know what it takes to reach my goals and with these scholarships and the hopes of getting some i can make it easier on my families pocket.

Youvegottobejoke N  on 10/25/2018 3:16:21 PM

Either people commenting on this scholarship just saw the dollar amount and did not read the accompanying description, or there are a LOT of extremely stupid people. If you are chosen to receive this scholarship, you CAN NOT use it to pay for your education. It very clearly says you must NOT GO TO OR DROP OUT OF SCHOOL. Specifically, "Thiel Fellows skip or stop out of college to receive a $100,000 grant."

Ania B  on 7/18/2018 9:32:35 PM

I'm applying for this scholarship because In the fall I will be a 9th grader, class of 2022. My mom and the people I look up to has always taught and told "start early" because if I wait I will hardly get anything done. In my city people rely on sports to get them a scholarship but, I don't play ANY sports. Myself, my old teachers, and my mom we would all conclude that I am a smart girl. If I don't win thanks to Thiel Fellowship for giving me the oppurninty to apply.

Davina H  on 7/14/2018 2:34:35 AM

I'm currently going into the 12th grade, and I was always worrying about how im gonna get into college; If I was good enough to actually receive scholarships. I still don't think it's possible but, I'm still going to apply; in hopes of getting one and making it easier on my families pocket.

Dillon E  on 1/26/2018 11:40:54 AM

I have always been an inovator. Coming up with new ways to make things work or even producing a whole new invention, I just cant get away from creativity. This scholorship would highly impact the direction of my life.

RaJanae B  on 12/31/2017 6:37:59 PM

I just graduated this school year and took some time off in order to really focus on what I wanted to do with my life. This scholarship would help me tremendously in order for me to continue my education debt free.

Wallace C  on 12/28/2017 4:43:59 PM

I was scrolling around and came across this scholarship. I believe it will help me so much trough school and paying for expensive books and supplies .

Syntoria B  on 12/17/2017 7:57:10 PM

I am a senior in high school and becoming an actress and singer is my dream. I would love for my dreams come true. I honestly wouldn't know what to do if i couldn't fulfill my dreams.

Elijah L  on 9/10/2017 5:56:21 PM

Im a junior I will be graduating 2019 and im ready to start early

Cynthia M  on 12/29/2016 1:01:34 PM

My name is Cynthia,ill will be joining college august 2017,any help that I can get towards my education,I will appreciate and I promise to do the best that I can.

charles s  on 12/16/2016 3:01:16 PM

my name is Charles, any scholarship would help, i need to get bacc on my feet. juss trying to make it through the struggle.

charles s  on 12/16/2016 12:02:17 AM

i just wanna be successful you feel me. make my moms proud, i wanna play football.

Valerie D  on 12/15/2016 12:02:08 PM

My name is Valerie and I will be attending school in August of 2017. Any help that I am able to receive for my higher education, I will gladly take and appreciate greatly. Thank you for the opportunity.

eric t  on 12/9/2016 10:20:37 AM

My name is Eric Tataseo and I would like to receive this scholarship. This scholarship would help me and my family out a lot. Thanks for reading my comment.

Carlos S  on 11/18/2016 3:51:34 PM

Hi, my name is Carlos Sanchez Jr. Looking to get some help for college tuition. Not gonna beg, but this money would really help out a lot. Thanks for your time, appreciate it.

Dominique C  on 11/18/2016 7:00:16 AM

Dominique Castillo is the name and getting this scholarship is the game. I would love the money to go to college. Of course. Im going to become a psychiatrist. Ive always wanted to help people since I was younger, and hopefully once I start getting big bucks with my degree I can give out scholarships for people who want to be a psychiatrist. My family doesnt make enough money to send me for a 8-10 year degree so this would help us. Thank you

brittney m  on 10/6/2016 11:21:30 PM

Hello, this scholarship would mean so much to me. I'm doing everything thing can to earn money for college. I'm working, applying for financial aid, looking for grants and everything else. My family has a very low income. And I'm trying to make a good example to my younger brother who looks up to me. I'm very dedicated and I go after what I want. I'm a senior in high school and it would mean the world to me if you go over this comment and consider myself having this scholarship.

Brandon R  on 9/16/2016 5:35:36 PM

Not yet. Just looking for now but will need to very soon.

Natalie G  on 8/16/2016 11:29:21 AM

Hi, my name is Natalie Guzman, I will be graduating in 2017 and this scholarship would mean everything to me. I come from a low income family and I don't want my mother to struggle with paying for my college when I know she has 5 other children to worry about. Also, I am the oldest and I would like to set any example for my 4 sisters and my brother, to show them anything is possible if you just apply yourself. To end, I would like to make my family proud and with this scholarship it will become reality. I want them to know I did something with my life and that I will never fail them. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

Benjamin T  on 8/3/2016 10:06:44 AM

My name is Benjamin Tutu, and I would like to apply for this scholarship. Getting this scholarship would mean too much to me. I am interested in Network Engineering and working with Cisco or any other networking company in the future. Also getting this scholarship will contribute to paying off student loans and it helps be get a kick start for my career. Not only will it be a major kick start but also a dream come true.

Rushabh M  on 7/25/2016 5:22:59 PM

My name is Rushabh Mehta and I would like to apply for this scholarship. I'm really interested in Computer Science and mathematics, and would love to work in those fields in college. Along with making my college education affordable for my family, this scholarship would help me organize more computer science oriented competitions, given that many bright students don't have access to programming challenges before high school. I really think that setting up competitions of logical reasoning in Computer Science will help improve kids understandings of computer science from early on and help make it more understandable by college.

Joshua M  on 5/10/2016 10:33:42 AM

My name is Joshua Mariano and I would like to apply for this scholarship. This is a great opportunity for me if I do attain this scholarship. I'm planning to start pursing my career of becoming a mechanical engineer in the fall of 2016. I am planning to become a mechanical engineer because I like to invent or help create things for people to make life much easier for them. I would be very excited if I were to receive this particular scholarship so I can be able to do what I would love to.

Fabiola O  on 5/5/2016 7:07:34 PM

my name is Fabiola Oyervides I apply for this scholarship because For my is a dream being in college I don't have the enough resources and financial money to attend to college i will be in college this August but, I will not make it if don't get a scholarship that help me . I know if all of you give me a support to be in college god is going to bless you all . I woul be so thankfully and blessed if I win this opportunity I will able to support my family .

Reynaldo H  on 3/24/2016 10:10:46 AM

This is a dream come true scholarship. Everyone want it but only a few are selected, or who knows. I would love to be that one of a few, like every body else. But only God knows and can determine, who really needs it. My name is Reynaldo Im a senior in HS, I would be so greatful to win this scholarship because it would help me achieve my dream in the "Law Enforcement Unit" carreer. Im only 17 and I am in many programs, in different precints and youth programs to help the community. I love to help others, and I also volunteer in order to have sometime of experience that would help me in the long run. I want to become and FBI Agent and with this little bit of help, god knows i might be able to persue my carrer even further. Its sad how college are becoming so expensive, and me like the others cannot afford. its sad how we have dreams and goals in life and we cannot achieve it because of the expensive amount we have to pay. I wish that college were free so minorities like myself can achieve our goals in life.

brandon f  on 2/22/2016 4:52:41 PM

my name is Brandon Fant and I need this scholarship because I think without this award college will not be easy for me to pay for. college is going up every year so I don't have the money to pay out of pocket I don't want to take out a loan but I will if I have to it but I want this scholarship so I can attend the college that I want to.

christopher m  on 12/8/2015 12:06:10 AM


Kadijah T  on 11/21/2015 2:57:34 PM

This scholarship is very important to me. Today I went to a scholarship workshop and I found so many ways to win scholarship. School is very important to me. I would be the first one out of my family to go to college. And I'm so excited! My mom is a single parent & all I'm trying to do is make her proud!

Brittany L  on 11/3/2015 8:34:07 PM

This Scholarship will help me to fulfill my dreams, and also spread great leadership and compassion for what I love to do (NURSING). Thank you so much!

Wyatt R  on 9/18/2015 2:07:40 PM

pls schalorsheep i need

Spencer L  on 9/10/2015 6:59:33 PM

To anyone begging for this scholarship to get through college, IT'S MEANT TO KEEP YOU OUT FOR TWO YEARS Sincerely, Read

sammy H  on 9/8/2015 10:54:31 PM

I need this scholarship to achieve my dream

Chandler M  on 9/2/2015 11:57:41 AM

This scholarship is definitely something that I am interested in. My mom recently got put in the hospital and my dad is disabled. This would make things so much easier for me to go to college. My parents recently told me that they would not be able to help me at all with the expenses, so this would definitely be a dream come true.

Taylor T  on 8/25/2015 10:54:54 PM

Hi I am applying for this scholarship for a 4 year university in Coral Gables, Florida. I am going to be in the masters forensics program.

daniel s  on 8/24/2015 1:59:49 AM

I honest applied for this scholarship because it could really help me and my parents out in these tough times that we are going threw.

Fadwa K  on 7/16/2015 7:10:55 PM

Hi! I applied for this scholarship to help pay for my tuitions of a 4 year university. I live with a single parent with 5 kids in the house including me . This scholarship would definitely help me.

Emma S  on 2/10/2015 10:46:16 PM

This scholarship is exactly what I have been dreaming about, but I never knew something like this existed. I can barely catch my breath. I was planning on merely taking a gap year to work on the project I have in mind, but this would allow me to do so much more! Take a look at their website; this is an amazing opportunity for anyone who feels constrained by the traditional education "conveyor belt."

Adianis M  on 1/30/2015 8:47:41 AM

This scholarship is interesting for sure

Clement A  on 12/31/2014 12:20:47 AM

The Scholarship is impressive.


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