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A Voice for Animals Contest


May 31, 2021

Awards Available: 20

  • Scholarship Description
  • The Humane Education Network in partnership with the Animal Welfare Institute offers an Annual A Voice for Animals High School Contest. Participants must currently be attending middle or high school, or be home-schooled and under 19 years of age on the date, the contest opens for entries. The competition has sections for 14-15-year-old students and sections for 16-18-year-old students. Scholarship requirements vary. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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  • Scholarship Committee
  • P.O. Box 2023
  • Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • 650-851-8735

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Emily P  on 10/5/2020 7:57:48 PM

I am applying for this scholarship, but I am going to be talking about circus animals that have been taken from their natural habitat and thrown into cages for sick human beings entertainment.This should be mentioned more and talked about everyday, but it isn't... which is really sad to hear. These circus animals are whipped,starved,and tortured into doing acts they shouldn't be doing. I don't really mind if I don't get the scholarship even though it would help drastically. I just really want to give circus animals a voice and hopefully inspire people to open their eyes and see what is really happening in the world that they have been blind to. Thank you.

William C.  on 10/2/2020 9:52:38 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because animals are treated poorly and tortured this day and time and we have to put a stop to it. I have worked with the ASPCA to help save animals. My mother fosters cats and takes care of them and we even have quite a few ourselves. We love animals and I hate to see them hurt, starved, treated poorly. Animals have feelings as well and most don't think of that or even care, we have to try and make a change and save the animals. My education is in the medical field and I will use what I have to volunteer and help animals as well as people.

Alma G.  on 9/29/2020 7:12:12 PM

I am applying to this scholarship because I feel like animals get mistreated, tortured, hurt, neglected, and abandoned everyday. It's hard not seeing people not speaking up for them. I just got a puppy and they are so sweet and give you comfort. Animals deserve the word, it does not matter what breed they are. They hold a special place in my heart and deserve so much more.

Tamara Madrigal  on 9/28/2020 5:09:15 PM

In coming across this scholarship, immediately I had to apply because as an owner of 4 pets of my own I will always participate and use my voice to make a stand for them since they cant. I truly believe we do not deserve animals, they are such pure and kind hearted creatures whom just seek love and attention from us. They serve as protection as guidance as rescue even and yet still everyday the amount of animal brutality and abuse increases. Whats happening to these poor animals is cruel and something needs to be done to help them. In filling this out I hope I was able to at least do a little bit on my part to be able to make a change.

Cheyanne L  on 9/27/2020 5:29:03 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I think that since we as humans kill animals just to eat meat and ect. I always felt guilt and sad about eating animals or whatever. But I had always had love animals and that why when I do go to college in August or September I wanna study biology so when get older I can be a vet to work with animals. In life I just wanna make a difference even if its helping animals or anything. the small things can always make a difference to animals. So that why I apply to this scholarship to basically tell you that these poor animals need our help to rescue them from being tortured from abused people that don't deserve animals as pets because animals have feeling just like humans.

Bushra. Q  on 9/24/2020 1:08:59 PM

I am applying for scholarship because i love animals. I've seen many animals being mistreated these days. Society these days is very cruel and I wish to help animal rescurers stop the abuse animals are getting. Thankfully, a stray cat that I took care of was successfylly rescued and is now adopted and is being taken care of. Animals can't speak so we, as humans have to stand up for them and give them their rights backs. Something I love is that eventhough their are stray animals, the governmentent made a seperate grave yard for the animals. They are respected.

Elizabeth V  on 9/17/2020 6:19:15 PM

I'm applying for this scholarship because many animals are being tortured and being treated horribly which disgusts me. Animals have never done anything to us, they are caring, and loyal to us. But what do most humans repay those animals for their loyalty? Abuse. It's disgusting because it happens a lot but we just don't see it. Dog shops are an example, the only thing they present you with is the adorable dog but what they don't tell you is its background. How the dog's mother right now is in a puppy mill forcefully having puppies so that they buyer gets their money. This scholarship will help me in furthering my education so that I can help those poor animals, I want to be their voice. Thank you for your time.

Raigan N  on 9/14/2020 1:48:15 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because everyday more and more animals are being tortured. As a pet owner, I will use the voice that I have to stand up for these poor animals. My mom and I have rescued two of our own pets from the shelter, and in my opinion, they are some of the sweetest animals I have ever seen. All animals deserve the world, no matter what breed they are.

Dyanna F  on 9/8/2020 2:48:33 PM

As a pet owner myself, it breaks my heart knowing animals are abandoned, mistreated, neglected, and etc. All 3 of my pets were rescues and if i could, i would definitely rescue more. This scholarship could help me with furthering my education with animals.

Veronica M  on 9/4/2020 12:01:31 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I believe humans have to be the voice speaking up for animals since they cannot speak for themselves. Animals have been treated as lesser than since the beginning of time by the human race and if I can step up and stop at least one person from animal cruelty for speaking out against it, that means everything to me. I have been a proud vegetarian for a year now and I truly wish everyone could become less cruel and have a heart for animals.

Roop C  on 8/30/2020 7:42:36 PM

I applied for this scholarships because I want to be a voice for animals who are abused daily. They can't talk, and winning this scholarship would mean so much to me! I love animals and they don't deserve to be treated in a cruel manner.

Zachary L  on 8/10/2020 12:26:50 PM

I’m applying for this scholarship because of the love i have for animals. Animals have a special place in my heart. Seeing animals constantly being beaten and not taken proper care of makes me weak. Animals are needed in this world, and i will do anything to make sure it’s kept that way.

Zachary L  on 8/5/2020 2:48:07 PM

I’m applying for this scholarship because of the love i have for animals. Animals have a special place in my heart. Seeing animals constantly being beaten and not taken proper care of makes me weak. Animals are needed in this world, and i will do anything to make sure it’s kept that way.

Jemimah J  on 8/5/2020 12:06:23 PM

Animals are one of the beautiful creation of this world. They are very loyal, they are a cure for depression for those going through it and very good companions to have. I think people should be more aware of animals around them. I was 13 when my dog was dognapped, we called the police and they said it was just a dog and I never saw her again. Animals should be protected, safe and away from abuse where ever they are. I hope to see a world without Animals cruelty.

Leah G.  on 8/3/2020 11:16:32 PM

I am applying for this scholarship as my goal in life is to provide for animals. Animals to me aren’t just fur creatures they are saviors. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing animals be abused and I just want to help.

Olivia Regalado  on 7/23/2020 12:16:53 PM

The reason I applied to this scholarship is because I believe that animals have the right to be part of this world just as much as we are. They deserve to be protected and to live a normal life as us human beings. I love animals and I hate the fact that some are getting instinct because of us. We all need to make a change to keep them alive here on earth.

Lanisa S  on 7/15/2020 4:56:08 PM

If I won this scholarship, it would not only be due to the influence I’ve created within myself , but because of the advocacy I deeply have for the animals on our planet. As the Earth experiences more changes every day , our animals experience less life reassurance and we must do everything in our power to keep them here , remaining cognizant of their existence!

Eliana misghina  on 7/4/2020 1:58:00 PM

this scholarship is an amazing opportunity to express our opinion about animals. I want to apply for this scholarship because I care about how animals should be treated and their voice is important.

Sheren W  on 7/4/2020 8:28:05 AM

I want to apply to this scholarship because I can help my parents at the least by saving their money and use the scholarship instead. And I love animals, too. So I thoughg why not.

Sheren W  on 7/4/2020 8:22:46 AM

I want to apply to this scholarship because I can help my parents at the least by saving their money and use the scholarship instead. And I love animals, too. So I thoughg why not.

Sheren W  on 7/4/2020 8:21:23 AM

I want to apply to this scholarship because I can help my parents at the least by saving their money and use the scholarship instead. And I love animals, too. So I thoughg why not.

Yunueth C.  on 6/29/2020 9:37:10 PM

In todays world we see a lot of animal abuse. Whether it's in our own home or in the home of others and can't seem to do anything about it as they often tell you "oh its not your business, you don't know their pet" No, you don't need to know a pet to recognize that its family, that it deserves a home where its taken care of as it needs to. I struggle to see puppy from puppy mills or animals with disabilities often get euthanized because they have no support system. A pet doesn't know any better, they need people that give them voices since they cannot speak for themselves. No matter how much you hurt a pet they will never understand what it is, they will always love their owner no matter how much they have suffered. they deserve love and a home that gives them the ability to love out their very special and precious lives.

Ramiah W  on 6/23/2020 11:23:04 AM

Winning this scholarship would mean the world to me. It would really help me fulfill my dream and get to college.

Daury A Willians  on 6/19/2020 9:35:45 AM

I apply for this scholarship on June 19, 2020, because animals are very important to the environment. Animals support each other during and after death. If I win this scholarship I would give my dog a better life.

Jade M  on 6/18/2020 10:52:56 AM

Well I’m vegan and an animal rights activist already. Animals deserve better than they get 100%.

Sierrah Matthews  on 6/11/2020 4:15:34 PM

I have always always had a love for animals as a kid, and still dream of becoming a veterinarian. I believe I am in some way, an animal whisperer. Any animal that I’ve ever had an encounter with has loved me and I the same. So to see that there are so many suffering in abusive and careless homes, it just makes my heart shatter. However, instead of moping, I want to make a change in many animals’s lives. I need this scholarship in order to do that and bring serenity to our animal community.

Ashley C  on 6/11/2020 11:27:43 AM

While applying for the scholarship to help aid my future in college I have the opportunity to improve the lives of hundreds, or thousands of animals. While my plans are to go to college to be a Physicians Assistant, I have plans to rescue, save, and treat animals that are prone to animal abuse and neglect. My High School years have been consisted of the study of health science and animal science; how to improve peoples lives and how to reduce or prevent the ongoing issue of animal abuse due to the impulsivity of people and the underlying reason of their erratic behavior towards helpless animals.

Alia G.  on 6/10/2020 10:31:30 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I could use it towards something for college, im currently going into my junior year of high school, I've always had a heart for animals, pets of all kind, I was enrolled into livestock production my sophomore year and I really liked taking care of livestock animals and we had a choice to either go into vet med or small animal pathways, I choose vet med because at the end of my senior year I could be working in the field potentially even getting my bachelors degree before I leave high school, I really would want to be able to use this money for college im not sure if it goes towards anything but it would be the biggest help getting me started even if its $500

Emily O  on 6/1/2020 10:05:36 AM

I was raised as an animal product consumer. Ever since i was young i wanted to follow my mothers footsteps and become a veterinarian. Over the years, i have done lots of research to inform myself about animal safety and abuse, and its been a growing issue in modern day society. I've found it bizarre how we slaughter animals for our own personal benefits. If you enjoy eating meat, i encourage you to think about if its worth a life. Animals have feelings and are able to experience pain just like humans. I am entering this scholarship because i want to see a change in the meat and dairy industry and i want to lend a helping hand to all animals.

Lauren M  on 5/31/2020 11:38:13 PM

Applied earlier and so excited to see results! This issue is truly affecting the whole world and it is so very important to take action.

Siya P  on 5/30/2020 9:46:18 AM

I applied for this scholarship because I know that animal abuse exists everywhere. Maybe its at home or out in the public. As a vegetarian, I am a strong believer in not killing animals and abusing them. Like humans, animals should be treated with care and not abused. Also like humans, animals have feelings as well. They know when we are sad, angry, or happy. Don't get me wrong but I do want the scholarship, but I want to help out animals that are suffering such horrible conditions, more than the money.

Alyssa L.  on 5/29/2020 8:43:32 AM

I applied for this scholarship. Ever since I was little I've been an animal person not matter how small and my dream was to help animals in any sort of way I could. It would mean the absolute world to win this scholarship.

ANTONELLA A  on 5/27/2020 11:23:49 PM

I was drawn to apply for this scholarship not only because I love animals, but because for as long as I remember my pets have been my best friends. Animal rights isn't a common topic in society, but this has to change. Animals are warm-hearted, kind, and never judgmental. I've volunteered hundreds of hours in shelters to make sure animals are going to a kind and healthy home. Animals may not be able to verbally express themselves, but it's our job as animal lovers to be their voice and stop animal cruelty.

Michele C  on 5/27/2020 9:25:16 PM

I love watching animal planet and seeing the different types of animals. At one point I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. If I win the contest, I would be able to continue taking college courses. When I finish High School I want to go to college to become a Neonatal Nurse.

akayla k  on 5/27/2020 11:26:33 AM

This scholarship will lead to many opportunities for the help of animals to the end of animal cruelty. I believe that having this chance to speak my truth onto this will mean a lot, and also bring joy to their world too.

Devin Glover  on 5/24/2020 12:37:03 PM

I'm applying for this scholarship to test my chances of winning earning towards a higher cause. This scholarship does symbolize the person I want to be and this seems like the best course of action towards becoming a better version of myself.

Riley R  on 5/21/2020 6:05:19 PM

Ever since I was young child, I have had two passions: writing and animals. Writing comes so naturally and easy for me and I would honestly love a career involving writing. However, I also love animals. For as long as I can remember I have volunteered at animal shelters and rescue organizations. My primary goal in life is start a business involving helping animals in need or to join the ASPCA to further bring animals the justice they deserve. I may be young, yet I know this is what I want from life. Animals are important and deserve to be treated equally. People that commit animal cruelty deserve to be punished far more than what they are enduring now. Animals are innocent and someone needs to speak up for them. If we all stand up and fight for animal rights now, perhaps one day we won't have to.

Karen M  on 5/21/2020 10:33:58 AM

I love animals and wish for all their safety. It breaks my heart to hear that many people abuse animals around the world. How could they do that it's inhuman the animals did not deserve that type of treatment. I honestly could care less about the scholarship although I need it but what matters are the animals. Someday ill be a billionaire and donate to all those shelters that are taking care of animals. They are giving touse animals a chance food water a good clean environment (well most of them since some don't have the funds although they try hard). I've been taking care of stray feral cats some have even gotten used to me and my family and lets us get close although no touching. They live outside but I give them a stable water a food source. They also have many shady places to keep cool and dry also when the cold time comes we give them blankets they can huddle in. (even if it doesn't get too cold in this part of Houston). We don't have much money but we always end up saving 20-30 dollars for the cat's monthly food expenses. They all seem to enjoy it. I really love all these cats and any animal that I find. Sometimes my parents tell me I love animals too much since I keep saving squirrels birds and mice from getting eaten by the cats but like who wouldn't? They are all so cute even the frogs that come by on rainy days. I just hope people realize or we bring justice to those people that abuse animals.

Shakyra W  on 5/19/2020 7:41:19 AM

If I won this scholarship it would mean everything to me because a single mother raising 5 kids is hard and this can help me through college. Also animals have voices, in this cruel, nasty, and manipulative world animals are getting abused and mistreated every day and it’s up to us to speak out for them and do what’s right. You see on tv the sad commercials about animals but nobody really never takes the time to actually call or take that seriously. Animals have voices just like humans. It’s no different as if a human were being abused, same concept only thing is animals can’t talk so it’s up to us to speak up for them! #speakupandspeakout #animalshavevoices

hannah c  on 5/14/2020 7:28:19 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I have a true passion for animals and their well being. Being given this scholarship would mean a lot to me because animals need more people like me standing up for what's right. I would like to help increase the adoption ratings worldwide and give more animals in need a better home. I would also like to acknowledge nearby adoption agencies for people who aren't aware. I would love to be awarded with this scholarship knowing I made a difference for animals.

Sheyla R  on 5/13/2020 5:29:04 PM

If I won this scholarship it will honestly help me and my family a lot. Also animals don’t have a voice but we do, they need to be protected by us at all cause! Animals have always been a part of my life, I have always had dogs, cats, etc. Animals can be also considered family, animals cruelty still exist till this day and is such a horrible act. I would never allow a person to treat a animal less than what they are. Seeing how much people actually care for animal too is the best things, they can only protect themselves so much that sometimes it’s not enough. I hope animal cruelty will be taken more serious and maybe one day we can completely stop it !

Reign P  on 5/12/2020 5:10:11 PM

Hello, I applied for this scholarship because I have been giving a voice for animals ever since I started eating a plant-based diet. It's amazing that I found a scholarship that I can relate to, and I would be so grateful if I did win this scholarship.

alyssa a  on 5/12/2020 4:30:54 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I have a real love for animals, and I enjoy putting others first. I have a hard time making myself a priority, but in order to get into college, I kind of have to. Winning this scholarship would help out so much. Everything is very expensive and every little bit helps.

Connor I  on 5/12/2020 4:05:15 PM

We need much stricter and enforceable animal cruelty laws. Anial Abuse is now a federal offense but not easily enforced. The punishment does not macth the crime. Animals deserve more. We owe them much more than we have to offer them.

Leslie W  on 5/11/2020 11:02:52 PM

How do I apply for this scholarship? I love animals and will be pursuing an education in veterinary program and eventually become a Vet for large and small animals. It would be a dream of mine to have a large farm for all animals.

Laisha Valencia  on 5/8/2020 2:26:00 AM

This world has became so cruel, I mean look what as happened to the world. We have been in a crisis because people decided to eat bats that had viruses which then got us sick leading to death. We need to stop killing animals!!!!!!! They have rights too it makes me completely devastated that people think it’s okay to kill animals. I have been vegan for 5 fives and I wouldn’t change, it makes me happy saving the environment. This scholarship will help me out so much and will bring me one step closer to success!

Alexandria R  on 5/7/2020 1:44:28 PM

I applied for this scholarship because of the fact that I'm an animal lover and I also rescue animals. I have rescued numerous animals from dogs to cats to pigs and even squirrels. Animals face so many hardships and they need representation in order for their lives to be bettered.

Harley Reynolds  on 5/6/2020 6:29:02 AM

While animal abuse is a felony we still see many issues surrounding it today. Just because a bill is passed does not mean said crime stops. This is why it is insanely important to stand up and advocate for these creatures who barely have a voice. We must be the ones to protect them! With this scholarship money I hope to take a class or classes over animal studies and use this as a way to spread educational awareness to my community about animal abuse.

Kimberly R  on 5/5/2020 3:05:28 PM

I participated in the scholarship because I love animals. Animals don’t have a voice so I wanna to use mine to show concern for them. Nowadays animals have been losing their homes and they need a voice to be raise and I’m willing to be that voice.

Christopher M T  on 5/4/2020 6:15:00 PM

Having been raised in a household surrounded by animals I have always been inspired to care for them and educate others about them.

O'Daija N.  on 5/4/2020 11:21:01 AM

It is vital to treat all animals with love and care. Each animal plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. A few animals help to bring out the nutrients from the cycle while others help in decomposition, carbon, and nitrogen cycle. All animals, insects, and even micro organisms play a role in the ecosystem. Without the help of all animals, the environment wouldn´t be as fortunate as it is.

Fahimah  on 5/4/2020 1:09:16 AM

I would love to win this scholarship because it just doesn't help me but it would also inspire other to apply for this scholarship. I hope to win this scholarship.

Mubasshira R  on 5/1/2020 2:35:23 PM

I don't mind whether I win this contest or not, I just hope it helps bring awareness to animals, like stray cats that don't deserve the harsh world on the street, and abandoned pets. I hope this will bring light to people that everyone can make a difference for each and every animal out there, all you need to do is volunteer and be a helping hand. There are too many abandoned animals on the streets, and they all deserve the proper care and treatment as any of us.

Madison Y.  on 5/1/2020 2:40:07 AM

I applied for this scholarship because I have been looking for a specific scholarship that truly strikes as interesting. This scholarship seems like the perfect fit for me. If I won this scholarship I could use what I have learned from it in high school then continue to use it in college, specifically Texas A&M. I love the Idea of protecting animals and fighting against something that is wrong.

Kieu N  on 4/29/2020 6:36:04 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I hope in the future there will more awareness for the correct treatment of animals. Animals are a great aspect of our world, and it would make me the happiest person if I know they are treated how we want to be treated if the roles were revised. If I won this scholarship, I would adopt a dog and the necessities for the dog because I am going to go off to college and my little baby sister would not have anyone to play with while I am in college. I hope the dog would keep her company and be her best friend.

Anya S  on 4/28/2020 3:28:13 AM

If I were to win this scholarship it would be really heart warming. Animals are so much more than people make them out to be and they deserve so much. I want animals voices to be heard and their needs to be met because it's way past time that we take care of them the way that they deserve. I applied for this scholarship because it is a super important cause to me and so many other around the world.

Hermaone S  on 4/27/2020 6:01:24 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I believe that animals deserve so much. It makes me sad to hear about people abusing animals. It sucks that animal abuse is a real thing. All animals should be treated as well as humans. It’s amazing to see how many people love animals. I am so glad to hear and see that some people are aware of this and against it. It’s such a wonderful thing. Winning this scholarship would help me to be one step closer of being in my dream career and spread the word about how wrong animal abuse is. If more humans hear about this the faster animal abuse will be over.

Sofia G  on 4/23/2020 4:45:05 PM

I applied for the scholarship for the main reason that humans over look animals and often forget that they aren't just an object that can be tossed aside and mistreated. I hope that through my essay I am able to give their voice back and show people that we need to understand that animals are crucial to our existence and that humans need to stop mistreating and abusing them. Since a very young I have always questioned the mistreatment of animals, and that's why for almost the past two years I have been a vegetarian because animals have been suppressed for so many years and we have just been ignoring that fact. If I were to win this scholarship I would put it towards my college where I dream of studying environmental sciences and how I can help save animals and our planet.

Akayla Martin  on 4/22/2020 1:16:18 PM

This scholarship touches on an important topic. Animal health is often over looked and under prioritized. The one everyone here’s about is animal abuse. Animal abuse is cruel and unnecessary. There are many others who would love that animal. You could easily drop the dog off at your local animal shelter. Also, no one loves to be used and thrown to the side. Just as people do, animals need affection. Lots of animals are used for show or protection. The owners neglect showing them love, feeding, petting, and playing with them. Animals need to feel love too.

Harlan A  on 4/21/2020 10:05:38 AM

I like the cause

Candyce F.  on 4/19/2020 2:45:50 PM

I applied for this scholarship because we live in a world where animals seem to not have a have a voice. Yes animals can't talk but they still have feelings. Animals get treated so bad in this world yet the world wouldn't be here without them. People treat animals as if there n object and they're not, they should be treated just as good as humans. I love animals with a passion and I can't stand to see them hurt or mistreated. Animals matter in this whether people want to believe it or not. they should be given tender love and care not getting treated like any ordinary object.

Alex H  on 4/18/2020 6:27:54 PM

I applied for this scholarship because along with being an opportunity to win college money, it’s also a chance for me to voice my opinions about something that I am passionate about and that is being affected negatively more and more every day. I know this scholarship and what I say in it might have little to absolutely zero impact for the well-being of animals, but any kind of activism doesn’t start with immediate change—it starts with opinions, then ideas, then thoughts, then words.

Kani M  on 4/18/2020 1:32:54 AM

A year ago, my native country was lashed out on because a Kurdish man smashed a birthday cake on his lion. As a Kurd living in America, my disappointment along with so many others was the nurse of wisdom. Animals can’t voice their defense, but humans can. That’s why it’s our duty to provide protection for all the creatures who can’t talk back. That is my belief, and that’s my reasoning of applying.

Melanie A.  on 4/17/2020 8:59:12 AM

I have been an animal advocate for many years. I feed homeless cats at various shopping centers throughout the community. As a HS senior, this award would help me significantly in paying some room and board costs at the university.

Kerri B  on 4/15/2020 6:04:54 PM

I love animals; I volunteer at my local Humane Society. I hate seeing the animals there and how some of their lives have been horrible. Winning this scholarship will help me accomplish my goal to be a vet.

Maria P  on 4/15/2020 4:29:24 PM

I would love to win this scholarship. I have such a big heart for animals. Ever since I was young I would be in amazement with animals and always wanna be around them.I am fascinated with animals and everything up to their nature. I want to do something more for them. Animal abuse has always been something in which I would want to help and make a change. One day I will be able to help, I will help.

Emily Cano  on 4/9/2020 9:48:23 PM

Living in a world, especially as a young individual, hate and abuse influences our actions and can lead to something even worse in the future. With animal abuse and political scandals, our future is at stake and maybe there won’t even be one. In order to decrease the probability of this happening, we need to work together to create a safe, living environment. We need to help each other because without it, there is nothing and hate will continue to pollute our world.

Star H.  on 4/8/2020 6:34:47 PM

If I won this scholarship, it would help me so much. If I got this scholarship, I wouldn't need to have to ask my parents for a lot of money because they are already helping pay for my brother's college, and I don't want them to have to pay for me too. I would feel so horrible taking money from them. I love helping others, and I love saving and caring for animals. I want to do so many good things in life, but I NEED to first get through all of college, which means that I need money, and winning this scholarship would just be really helpful.

Abigail V.  on 3/31/2020 2:20:12 AM

I am going to apply for this scholarship not for the sake of earning money, but to express how I feel about animals and how their existence is affecting each environment significantly. I have been a vegetarian for over 2 years and after years of research I am able to fully give my perspective on the need for animal care and manifest the importance of understanding that animals are very much like humans and should be treated with proper care and effort.

Isabella B  on 3/26/2020 11:45:34 AM

If I won this scholarship it would mean the world and more to me because I love putting others before myself and doing something genuine for the community out of altruism.

Isabella B  on 3/26/2020 11:42:56 AM

If I won this scholarship it would mean the world and more to me because I love putting others before myself and doing something genuine for the community out of altruism.

Mubarra Ali  on 3/22/2020 3:35:08 PM

We live in a world where animal abuse exists and I cannot tolerate that. Animals have a voice too and they deserve the be treated with respect and care just as humans are. I applied for this scholarship because I believe that all animals deserve to be treated with importance just as a newborn baby in a human family would be. I was reading the comments below and I couldn't stop smiling. All of us together, standing up together to protest for animal rights will bring a huge change for the future.

Karmen S  on 3/22/2020 3:19:37 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I love animals and would love to be in a career that involves animals. Animals have always had a soft spot in my heart since I was a baby, I remember saying I wanted to be a veterinarian since I could talk. If I win this scholarship money that's one step closer to my goal of become a vet.

Madison H  on 3/6/2020 7:43:48 AM

I applied for this scholarship because not only do I love animals, but their importance is just as important as any living creature on earth. The standards of animal welfare have dropped tremendously. Every year more then 22,000 animals are put up for adoption each year, which is horrible. I hope there to be a good future for our furry friends, so I hope to see a dramatic incline in the population of our animal welfare.

Mary P.  on 3/6/2020 1:59:53 AM

I'm applying for this scholarship because animals are very important to the environment and to humans. As I seen in society today, many get treated poorly and suffer due to animal cruelty. This is the many reasons, that I decided to become vegan. Helping animals has always been a huge passion in my life. However, animals don't have a voice that can be heard. Therefore, I would like to be the voice that should be heard from this animals.

Neveah R.  on 2/21/2020 6:34:54 AM

I applied for this scholarship because I truly have a strong passion for animals and the protection of animals needs great improvement. In the times we live in now, animals get ill treatment and animals my mother saw as a child I no longer see as much if at all. "Cruelty free" on the bottle of products shouldn't even be an issue we shouldn't be testing on animals at all if we don't know the effects period. Though these loving creatures don't have a voice, I will stand up and speak for them and that is a promise.

Aiyannis F.  on 2/19/2020 7:33:57 AM

This is a phenomenal scholarship opportunity. Animal abuse and criticize is a major problem, especially in today's generation. Animals bring happiness and compassion into people's hearts. For myself to have the passion for animals, I would love more than anything to do for God's creations. I would love to take this opportunity to spread animal awareness in the community and put an end to animal cruelty.

Jake C  on 2/15/2020 12:36:28 PM

This scholarship makes me happy because animals make me happy. Animals today are being mistreated and deserve better than what they are given. Animals bring to peoples lives and the hurt that animals face each day makes me very upset. I want to help spread the awareness of animal abuse.

Chloe C.  on 2/11/2020 10:22:17 PM

This is a great and easy scholarship opportunity and is something that many of us are passionate about.

Saiesh P  on 2/6/2020 7:29:36 AM

This is quite an interesting scholarship opportunity, given that only a minority of programs emphasize on a topic which concerns the welfare of animals. Good to see a diverse range of opportunities for me to hone my writing skills

Tyius J  on 2/5/2020 10:14:17 AM

i applied for this because i don't like the future that we currently have and that future is without animals. The fact that my kids wont be able to see the animals that i saw as a child hurts my heart and I want a better future for animals in general.

Syneca J  on 1/28/2020 12:27:57 AM

Since animals cannot physically be heard, they deserve to have the people who truly care about their well being, speak up and fight for their protection.

Rafid S.  on 1/6/2020 9:06:26 AM

Ever since I was young, all I wanted was to learn about animals and to this day I still study them. During my studies, I have seen countless records and videos of animals being abused, killed, murdered for no reason. This is something that needs to be addressed and told by the people. The animals may not have a voice but we can give them one by telling the people what wrong is coming upon them and help protect the animals.

Oscar T  on 10/2/2019 11:33:52 AM

Is community service required

Haywood Z  on 4/17/2019 10:53:13 AM

I applied for this scholarship because its something to do that I love, I love animals and I care for them so I was looking for scholarships that meets my interest and I had finally found one! I hope I receive such an award one day.

Harleen S  on 2/27/2019 12:35:57 PM

I applied for this scholarship because of my love for animals. Though they don't have a voice doesn't mean something can't be done to help animals. I am an against animal cruelty and believe that somehow we can help make the world a better place and help animals in any way or form.

cole c  on 2/17/2019 12:45:05 PM

we need to do something about this

Ally H  on 1/25/2019 12:09:15 PM

When you say a voice for animals, could you elaborate? Is this like a PETA deal or where I can't eat meat, or is this like a anti animal abuse thing?

bailey r  on 9/21/2018 10:02:56 AM

how do i apply


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