Brig Gen Robert B. and Judith Maguire Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Aviation had a lasting impact on the lives of both Brig Gen Robert “Bob” Maguire and his wife, Judith “Judy” Maguire. Born on December 5, 1924, Bob Maguire was too young for military service during WWII, but dreamed of one day having a future as a military pilot. He earned his wings at age 19 and soon began flying B-26, B-24, and B-17 aircraft stateside. This was just the start of what would become a legendary career in aviation.

Scholarship Details

  • Established to honor the aviation legacy of Brig Gen Robert "Bob" Maguire
  • A tribute to the commitment and love for aviation shared by Bob and Judy Maguire
  • Designed to support young people in realizing their dreams of flight

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in aviation
  • Applicants must demonstrate a passion for aviation and a commitment to their dreams

Application Process

  1. Express your passion for aviation and your dreams of flight in your application
  2. Highlight any experiences or contributions to the field of aviation
  3. No specific application instructions provided; interested individuals may inquire with the Museum

Bob and Judy were married for 43 wonderful years. Because of their commitment to and love for aviation, Judy wanted to honor Bob’s legacy through a special fund at the Museum. With their generous gift, the Brig Gen Robert and Judith Maguire Scholarship Fund was established. Through this scholarship, both Judy and Bob hope to help young people pursue their dreams of flight. Dollar amounts for this scholarship will vary. Scholarship Search