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EJ-GA Essay Contest

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Scholarship Description

Encode Justice ( is an international organization working to advance human rights and equity in the age of artificial intelligence. The Georgia chapter of Encode Justice is launching its inaugural essay contest for high school students in Georgia. It is designed to educate and bring awareness to causes that Encode Justice champions. Students are provided the opportunity to investigate and write about the current landscape of AI and related social, political, and environmental impacts on people and communities in the state of Georgia.

Participants will be given three prompts from the following categories: algorithmic bias, digital rights and privacy, and a combination of the two. While these prompts have national visibility, the participant will need to personalize their response to either themselves, their community, or the state of Georgia. Contestants will be blindly judged based on personalization, prompt consistency, and argument.

The contest will be restricted to participants who attend a Georgia high school or are homeschooled in Georgia and have not graduated with a high school degree. A submission must be strictly 500 words or less (ie. a submission with 501 words will be disqualified). Submissions must include 2-5 reputable MLA citations that will not be included in the overall word count. Must have a title. All submissions will pass through algorithm detection. Submissions must include a parental or legal guardian contact info if under 18. One submission per person. Scholarship Search