SWANA Scholarships

May 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

In order to prepare the next generation for the environmentally and economically sound practice of solid waste, SWANA has developed several scholarship programs for students studying in fields related to solid waste management. For the Grant H. Flint International Scholarship, applicants must either be high school seniors or incoming college juniors or seniors. The Robert P. Stearns/SCS Engineers Scholarship is offered to students who are entering or are in graduate school. The Harvey W. Gershman Scholarship is awarded to full-time university students of any level. Most scholarships will also require applicants to be the children or grandchildren of a SWANA member (sponsor) in good standing as of May 1st of the current calendar year or SWANA student members in good standing (free of charge).

Combining a steady stream of retirements with a more slowly growing labor force spells the importance of inspiring undergraduate, graduate, and returning students to enter our field earlier so they may help us lead it later. While a company may calculate the value of a scholarship program, the overall impact of scholarship programs offered within the industry is not a sum of its parts. Scholarships are an invaluable way to attract the planners, engineers, drivers, mechanics, advocates, and leaders our industry will need to thrive in the next decade.

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