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TechWaste Recycling Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

TechWaste Recycling Scholarship is a program run by TechWaste Recycling Inc. for college and high school students The aim of the TechWaste Recycling Scholarship is to increase awareness about electronics recycling.

Scholarship Details

  • Program by TechWaste Recycling Inc.
  • Theme: "How do you make an impact in your community with E-Waste Recycling?"
  • 3 winners
  • $1,000 per winner
  • Total scholarship awards: $3,000
  • One Laptop for each winner

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to college and high school students
  • Submission of a video or essay related to the scholarship theme

Application Process

  1. Submit a video or essay addressing the scholarship theme
  2. Applications can be sent to the provided email address
  3. Individual scholarship award amounts will be made out to the winner's school via check
  4. Laptops will be mailed to the winners' personal addresses

Applicants must submit a video or an essay related to the TechWaste Recycling Scholarship theme. The TechWaste Recycling Scholarship will be judged based on the video submitted by applicants in line with e-recycling and its impact on the community. The scholarship will be sent as a Check to the winner’s address. The check will be made out to your School/College. The Scholarship Applications will reopen on August 1st. Scholarship Search