$2,000 No Essay CollegeVine Scholarship

September 30, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

CollegeVine is dedicated to becoming the trusted source of lifelong guidance for the next generation, assisting millions of families in finding paths toward better life outcomes. The CollegeVine platform not only helps you secure admission to your dream school but also supports you in financing your education by connecting you with advisors, current college students, peers, and admissions offices.

Scholarship Details

  • CollegeVine aims to assist students in the high school to workforce transition, recognizing that college is one of many potential paths.
  • The scholarship focuses on simplifying and demystifying the college application process, especially for families with limited resources.
  • CollegeVine offers a platform to connect students with valuable guidance and resources for informed decision-making.
  • Designed to address the challenges faced by families with limited resources in the college planning journey.
  • Aiming to bridge the gap caused by the low student-to-school counselor ratio in U.S. public schools.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all high school students navigating the college application process.
  • Must be planning to attend college in the coming fall

Application Process

  1. Navigate to the CollegeVine platform.
  2. Utilize the available resources, advisors, and peer connections for personalized guidance.
  3. Access the scholarship application and follow the submission instructions.

This initiative was born out of the realization that the average student-to-school counselor ratio in U.S. public schools is 472:1, resulting in limited support for students during their critical decision-making period. CollegeVine strives to provide a scalable solution, offering personalized and reliable guidance so that every student can receive an acceptable baseline of support for this significant life decision.

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