Lawrence "Uncle Bo" Campos Scholarship

May 31, 2025
Awards Available: 2

Scholarship Description

The Lawrence "Uncle Bo" Campos Scholarship is open to Hawaii Island graduating seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher, who have demonstrated academic achievement, community participation, and have paddled at the club level or high school level in the past three years. In addition to strong academics, the candidate's merit of active volunteerism and leadership in the school, community, church, and/or employment will also be considered. Funds are dispersed directly to the recipients to be used to support studies at Trade School, Community College, or College/University program.

Apart from completing the application, applicants must also: provide their most recent transcript and SAT and/or ACT scores (if available); attach a letter of acceptance from a furthering education institution (university, college, trade school); submit at least one recommendation letter (from a teacher, counselor, clergy or community supporter) and a second letter from a paddling coach; and include a one-page, personal statement reflecting their academic program, future goals, career interests, background experiences, community activities, leadership skills, service to others, employment or other relevant details. Scholarship Search