Niche College Scholarship

Szweda Scholarship of Recover Michiana

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December 31, 2024
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

This scholarship has been established in honor of parents who have lost their battle with substance abuse. Our goal is to ensure the children of those lost are not forgotten. We recognize the hardships faced by children who have suffered through the loss of a parent's life, and who suffered in silence during their parent's active addiction. This scholarship was established to help students in Indiana and Michigan pursuing higher education, be it a trade school or university, who have lost a parent to an overdose or related loss of life. Dollar amounts will vary. We understand how difficult it is for students to maintain a high GPA when they are living with a parent abusing substances. For that reason, there are no academic requirements. To be awarded, a student must show acceptance to a college or trade school. Please write a 300-500 word essay detailing how addiction has impacted your life, as well as your academic/professional goals and dreams. Students are not obligated to include any details they aren't feel comfortable sharing. Your voice, your story, deserves to be heard. Tell it in your own words. Scholarship Search