The New School Competition

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Scholarship Description

The New School invites high school/upper secondary school students all over the world to participate in The New School Competition.

The competition includes five prestigious schools in New York City that prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a changing society from a creative point of view.

First prize will be awarded with a full scholarship. Second prize will be awarded with a partial scholarship. Scholarships are only eligible for students graduating no later than June 2014. Extraordinary submissions will be awarded with an iPad Mini, only eligible to students graduating after June 2014.

What you have to do to enter the competition: 1. Register – Sign with your name and email address.

2. Take The New School quiz – Answer multiple-choice questions to show your knowledge in your future school and its NYC campus.

3. Complete the Logical reasoning test – Answer multiple-choice questions that will test your logic and reasoning skills.

4. Select one of the five schools that you’re interested in attending.

5. Take the School specific quiz – Answer multiple-choice questions related to the school you’re interested in attending.

6. Complete the Creative Case – Solve the case by uploading a video. Remember to not limit your creativity and imagination.

7. Write a short motivational statement.

8. Share on Facebook and get recommendations from friends - Collect recommendations to increase your chances of winning. Let your friends help you to reach all the way to New York City.

9. Apply to your chosen school and program by no later than February 1.

10. Join The New School in New York City – Start your career at The New School in the city that never sleeps.

You should expect to spend about an hour on The New School quiz, the Logical Reasoning test and the School Specific quiz combined. The Creative case is up to you. Don’t limit your creative side. Scholarship Search