JPMorgan Chase Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program

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Scholarship Description

If you're a motivated and analytical high school student in the vibrant city of New York, the Smart Start program is your gateway to kick-starting a promising career in financial services. This unique opportunity allows you to gain invaluable real-world experience within our industry-leading businesses while pursuing a full four-year scholarship at a prestigious university.

What to Expect:

In the Smart Start program, you'll acquire the essential skills required for a thriving career in financial services. During the school year, you'll work part-time, and during the summer, you'll transition to full-time employment. Each year, you'll have the chance to explore different facets of the financial services sector as you rotate through various areas of our firm. This hands-on experience will not only expand your knowledge but also expose you to the diverse roles within the industry, laying the foundation for your future career. Plus, you'll do all this while enjoying the financial support of a full four-year scholarship at an accredited college or university.

Who We Seek:

We're on the lookout for exceptionally talented and driven students who reside in New York City and attend local high schools. To qualify, you should have a strong academic record and a genuine interest in the financial services field. The Smart Start program demands discipline as you'll be balancing your education with real-world work experience in a dynamic environment. We value intellectual curiosity, strong analytical skills, teamwork, and effective communication. Flexibility, attention to detail, sound judgment, and multitasking abilities are also highly regarded qualities.

What We Provide:

On-the-Job Experience: Your journey begins with meaningful projects, active participation in meetings, and collaboration with experienced managers. This immersive experience will not only deepen your industry insights but also enhance your technical and interpersonal skills. With over 300 program alumni still thriving at JPMorgan Chase, you'll have access to a vast network of support and guidance.

Career Growth: Our program managers will assist you in identifying career opportunities within the firm that align with your interests and capabilities. We'll also prepare you for the formal recruiting process. Many of our graduates go on to pursue full-time analyst positions after completing their degrees.

Join the Smart Start program to embark on a rewarding journey that sets the stage for a successful career in financial services. Invest in your future with a full scholarship and invaluable industry experience. Your path to a thriving financial career starts here. Scholarship Search