Niche College Scholarship

NCTA/AWMF Scholarship

May 26, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The NCTA/AWMF Scholarship allows a deserving female communications/media undergraduate student to create an original piece (digital short, video, animation, multi-media or other concept chosen by the student) that may be featured in NCTA and AWMF media distribution channels. Candidates must be attending an accredited university or college in the United States. In addition to completing the application, applicants must also submit a recommendation letter (from a professor or a journalism/media/communications professional) and proof of enrollment (via a copy of their student ID or transcript).

This scholarship serves to fund a promising student’s education as well as to provide a unique and compelling piece for her resume. The student will also have the opportunity to meet high-level professionals in the media industry through the AWM event. The scholarship piece ultimately will be created with the guidance of NCTA representatives to ensure it is as compelling and high-quality as possible. The recipient will also receive and a ticket to attend the Gracies Leadership Awards. Scholarship Search