NoDraft Video Essay Contest

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Scholarship Description

The Center on Conscience & War is hosting a video essay contest for teens! Help us spark a real conversation and inspire a movement to end Selective Service and the draft once and for all! Recent efforts in Congress to expand the draft to women have failed. Let’s spread the word that decades of requiring young men to register with Selective Service has also been a failure and must end.

To enter, submit your short video and brief essay telling the world why you oppose the draft and why you think the US should repeal Selective Service, ending decades of draft registration and overturning damaging penalties against those who do not register. We hope this contest inspires you to research the Selective Service and the draft, how it impacts your beliefs and your life or the lives of your loved ones and friends, and what you think can be done about it. The original media you create will help educate and motivate other teens to take action to end the draft once and for all. Scholarship Search