Pivotal Essay Contest

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Scholarship Description

We live at a pivotal moment in history. Society must grapple with urgent challenges and the rapid development of transformative technologies. Our choices now will shape humanity's long-term future. It is in this context that Pivotal, in partnership with the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford University, is proud to announce a global essay contest focused on the world's most pressing problems. This is open to high school students worldwide.

With $25,000 in prizes, a panel of world-class judges, and no entry fee, this contest provides an unparalleled opportunity for young minds to engage with critical global issues. To aid in their exploration, participants may also request a free copy of William MacAskill's "What We Owe The Future,” a seminal work that dives into our responsibilities to future generations. Essays will be evaluated on depth of knowledge, writing style, originality of arguments, and depth and quality of analysis.

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