Write Well Academy College Essay Success Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Write Well Academy helps students write well for Language Arts, AP English, and IB English students as they prepare for college and the workforce. We are extremely excited about helping students discover their authentic voice while writing application essays that allow them to attend the college of their dreams. We are all about preparing young writers for the big challenges of college writing.

Write Well Academy, LLC is excited to announce the College Essay Success Scholarship aimed at assisting students in their pursuit of higher education by offering college application essay coaching and writing support.

This scholarship aims to provide an opportunity for aspiring students to develop their essay-writing skills and enhance their chances of gaining admission to their dream colleges. We believe that a well-crafted essay can be a powerful tool in opening doors to academic success.

The scholarship contest is open to all high school juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled and in the process of applying to colleges or universities. This scholarship is particularly intended for students who are passionate about furthering their education but might benefit from professional guidance in crafting compelling application essays.

This tuition scholarship includes personalized virtual coaching for up to 3 school applications: College research and guidance; College admission, Common App, plus supplemental essay coaching; Academic resume development; Additional information statement; Common App activities section; and Access to an exclusive portfolio of successful college essays

To apply for the scholarship, please write an essay of 250 to 650 words addressing the following writing prompt:

Share a significant service project or achievement that you've been involved in, highlighting the positive impact it has had on your community or the world. This project could involve various fields, such as music, sports, or any other area of interest. Describe the challenges you encountered, your actions, and the outcomes. Reflect on the lessons learned and how this experience has shaped your commitment to service and your understanding of your role in making a difference.

All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm on October 20th.

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