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Driven Academics Sponsorship Program

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Scholarship Description

The Driven Academics Sponsorship Program (DASP) is a philanthropic initiative offering guidance, resources, and mentorship to low-income or first-generation high school seniors applying to college. This program, initiated by Lorenzo Cancel and Armando Hernandez, provides winners with college counseling, college essay guidance, and a scholarship to assist with educational expenses. As alumni of Southwest High School in El Centro, CA, Lorenzo and Armando, now Directors of Education, have empowered over 30 students in the college application process, awarding over $6,000 in scholarships since the inaugural DASP Class of 2017.

Scholarship Details

  • Driven Academics Sponsorship Program (DASP)
  • Guidance, resources, and mentorship for low-income or first-generation high school seniors
  • Winners receive college counseling, college essay guidance, and a scholarship
  • Over $6,000 in scholarships awarded since 2017

Eligibility Criteria

  • Low-income or first-generation students
  • Applicants must be Hispanic
  • Open to high school seniors and undergraduate freshmen and sophomores

Application Process

  1. Apply for the Driven Academics Sponsorship Program (DASP)
  2. Review and submit all required documents and forms

As Directors of Education, Lorenzo and Armando, alumni of Southwest High School, are dedicated to expanding DASP and growing Driven Academics. Their commitment is to continue providing Driven Scholarships in Imperial Valley, CA, and elevate DASP to its full potential. If you are a high school senior seeking support in your college journey, apply to DASP and let Driven Academics be a guiding force for your academic success. Driven Academics is committed to bridging socioeconomic gaps and will continue supporting students for years to come. Scholarship Search