Niche College Scholarship

Financial Independence Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

This $500 scholarship is available to all Morgan Franklin Foundation (MFF) Fellows entering a post-secondary educational institute.  To become an MFF Fellow, all you have to do is complete MFF's free Standards of Financial Literacy course, which takes about an hour to complete.

Open to any student in the United States who has: Become an MFF Fellow prior to applying (Complete MFF’s free Standards of Financial Literacy course here); Not received this scholarship in the past; Been accepted into, or currently attending, a post-secondary educational institute (college, trade or vocational school, etc.).

Application Process Includes: Completion and submission of the application by August 31st; A transcript from the applicant’s most recently-completed year (Optional).

Selection Process: A committee made up of members of Morgan Franklin Foundation will review applications and student’s transcript and select the scholarship recipient. The scholarship check will be made out to the attending institution. Scholarship recipient will be contacted by September 30th. Scholarship Search