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Michael Lorenzen Foundation Scholarship

January 31, 2024
Awards Available: 5

Scholarship Description

The Michael Lorenzen Foundation is proud to offer a college scholarship program for those on the Autism spectrum. We have witnessed the struggles that Autism presents and also seen the passion and dedication that envelops these particular students. We are honored to be able to offer scholarships of up to $2500 per student for the coming academic year. Applicants must be diagnosed with ASD, enrolled in or accepted to an accredited school, a U.S. citizen and either a recent high school graduate or a current undergraduate. Applications will be accepted from September 1st thru January 31st. Those that have been awarded funding will be notified in the middle of May.

During our selection process, the Board Members of the Michael Lorenzen Foundation will be making our determination of the award winners based on the applicants meeting the criteria as outlined above; Completion and Submission of the Application Specifications as outlined on the Application Form by the deadlines and an articulate and clear essay explaining and outlining the answers to the proposed question. We will be looking for your unique personality and what makes your experience special. Please try to include something that makes you stand out from the other applicants. The Board is looking to learn something about you as a person.

Please remember that if awarded scholarship funds, you will be representing Michael Lorenzen and his legacy; something that is very dear to our hearts. To qualify, please print out the Application Form on our website and mail it to the designated address with the following requirements: A letter of recommendation from a teacher or therapist; A letter from a doctor or therapist confirming your diagnosis of Autism; A copy of your high school transcript and your application essay. Your essay should be approximately 600 words. Scholarship Search