Order of Alhambra Scholarship

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May 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The International Order of the Alhambra, Inc. is a fraternal organization of Catholic men and women (age 18 years and older) dedicated to assisting persons that are intellectually disabled or handicapped. In recognition of increasing importance of higher education, the International Order of Alhambra is proud to provide financial scholarship awards. Scholarship awards are made on the basis that the applicant is dedicated to this special field of education. The number of scholarships and amounts will vary from year to year, based on scholarship program fund levels.

The Alhambra Scholarship award is to assist teachers and those in junior or senior study programs preparing to teach intellectually and developmentally disabled disabled personal students. Eligible applicants must either be upper-level undergraduates, master's degree students who have accrued 50% of required graduation credits, or community college students who have accrued 50% of required graduation credits. Canadian residents are also eligible.

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