Licensing International’s Scholarship Program

September 27, 2024
Awards Available: 10

Scholarship Description

The Licensing International Scholarship Program awards grants funding to deserving individuals who are interested in a career in brand licensing seeking education in business, e-commerce, marketing, design, engineering, entrepreneurial studies and other brand licensing industry-related programs.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarships range from $5,000 to $10,000 or the local equivalent
  • Awards made directly to educational institutions to cover expenses
  • Supports students in business, marketing, design, engineering, and other brand licensing-related programs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Interest in a career in brand licensing
  • Seeking education in business, e-commerce, marketing, design, engineering, entrepreneurial studies, or other brand licensing industry-related programs

Application Process

  1. Verify your program aligns with the brand licensing industry-related fields mentioned
  2. Prepare your application, highlighting your interest and career aspirations in brand licensing
  3. Submit your application by the designated deadline

Applicants must provide two Letters of Recommendation as part of their application. The first must be from a faculty member from the applicant’s current institution (i.e., someone from whom the applicant has taken a class and can comment on coursework or the applicant’s academic adviser). The second Letter of Recommendation must be from the applicant’s supervisor for a job, internship or volunteer activity, the applicant’s athletic coach, the academic adviser of an extracurricular activity in which the applicant participated, chairperson/head of the applicant’s academic organization or a relevant representative of the student body government or the instructor from an outside class or course the applicant has taken. Scholarship Search