Stanford University Scholarship

February 15, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

Our financial aid program is need-based, meaning that all aid eligibility is determined by your family’s financial circumstances. While you and your parents have the primary responsibility for paying for college, financial aid can bridge the gap between the total costs and your ability to pay. Scholarship from Stanford is the primary source of funding used to assist students with meeting their educational costs.

Our financial aid program at Stanford University is designed to bridge the gap between the total costs of attending college and your family's ability to pay, ensuring that a Stanford education is accessible to all.

Scholarship Details

  • Average Aid Amount: $62,898
  • Sources: Scholarships, grants, and other resources
  • Calculation: Based on family financial circumstances and expected contribution

Eligibility Criteria

  • Need-Based Aid: Determined by family's financial circumstances
  • Income Level: Considered along with family size, number of family members in college, and assets

Application Process

  1. Apply for Admission: Begin by applying for admission to Stanford University.
  2. Financial Aid Application: Complete the required financial aid application, providing details about your family's financial situation.
  3. Review and Calculation: Stanford carefully reviews your financial information and calculates your expected contribution.
  4. Award and Assistance: If your calculated contribution doesn't cover the student budget, Stanford may award or recommend scholarships, grants, or other resources to assist you.

Stanford determines your individual scholarship eligibility by subtracting the amount we expect you and your parents to contribute toward your costs and other federal and state grant funds from the total student budget. Eligibility for Stanford Scholarship funds is based not only on family income level, but also on the size of the family, number of family members in college and family assets among other factors. No separate application is required for any of our specific scholarship funds. Scholarship Search