AWWA Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarships

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Scholarship Description

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is proud to administer the Thurston E. Larson Memorial Scholarships annually. These scholarships are established to celebrate the memory of Dr. Thurston E. Larson and provide support and encouragement to outstanding graduate students pursuing careers in science or engineering.

Scholarship Details:

• Number of Scholarships: Two scholarships are awarded annually. • Master’s Level Student: $5,000 funding • Doctoral Level Student: $7,000 funding

Eligibility Criteria: To be considered for the Thurston E. Larson Memorial Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Currently enrolled in a graduate program. • Pursuing a career in science or engineering. • Demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential.

Application Process:

• Ensure eligibility based on enrollment and field of study. • Prepare required documents, including academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. • Submit your application by the specified deadline.

Legacy of Dr. Thurston E. Larson: Dr. Thurston E. Larson made significant contributions to the fields of science and engineering. These scholarships aim to carry forward his legacy by supporting and empowering graduate students who share his passion and dedication.

Investing in Future Innovators: AWWA is committed to nurturing the next generation of professionals in science and engineering. The Thurston E. Larson Memorial Scholarships stand as a testament to this commitment, providing financial support to exceptional graduate students.

Apply Today: If you are a graduate student with aspirations in science or engineering, consider applying for the Thurston E. Larson Memorial Scholarships. This opportunity not only recognizes your academic excellence but also supports your journey toward making impactful contributions in these vital fields. Scholarship Search