Niche College Scholarship

Eden Green General AgTech Award

March 31, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

Eden Green Technology is a hydroponic vertical greenhouse AgTech company dedicated to promoting sustainable and profitable urban agriculture. Our award-winning patented technology allows us to partner with commercial growers to produce up to 500 tons of leafy greens annually in as little as an acre and a half. For the upcoming school year, we’re offering two awards for aspiring agriculture students to support their education and future careers in our growing industry. The recipients will be announced in August.

The General AgTech Award is offered to a student pursuing a career in agriculture, ideally in either AgTech or sustainable agriculture. Eden Green is focused on finding better ways to sustainably grow the popular produce items that cause the most safety and environmental problems for our food system. We go beyond just repackaging commodity agriculture technologies and hydroponic systems. Our independently developed, proven and patented new technologies increase crop yields and vastly reduce waste on a local level. Scholarship Search