Elmer Carvey Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students attending public, four-year colleges in California. The stipend is for one year and is applied toward tuition during the upcoming academic year. Applications from students in physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, whose desired career goals are in areas of interest to the society are encouraged. (Planned careers in biology/medicine are generally not covered by this Scholarship unless they are interdisciplinary and involve areas of interest to the SCCAVS.) High school seniors and current college students may apply.

Send your application along with the following supporting information to one of the specified addresses (i.e., snail mail or email). Apart from completing the application, applicants must also submit: a current transcript (preferably official); a letter of recommendation (preferably from a science teacher or research advisor); and a short statement (one page maximum) describing their involvement in an area of interest to the SCCAVS, as well as plans for future studies or career. (Letters of recommendation may be emailed, but only direct from the recommender's address.) Scholarship recipients will be notified by the beginning of September.

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