The Kress Foundation Conservation Fellowships

January 22, 2025
Awards Available: 6

Scholarship Description

The purpose of the Kress Conservation Fellowship program is to provide a wide range of post-graduate fellowship opportunities that will help develop the skills of emerging conservators. Initial training, typically at one of a handful of institutions in North America, provides basic qualifications that must be supplemented with an extended period of specialized concentration on paintings, objects, textiles, antiquities, ethnic materials, photographs, prints and drawings, books and manuscripts, furniture, etc. Within a supervised environment, the young conservator develops the specific skills, the hands-on experience, and the confidence on which to base a future career.

Six $37,000 Fellowships are expected to be awarded each year for post-graduate internships in advanced conservation at a museum or conservation facility. Applications must be made by the museum or conservation facility at which the fellowship will be based. Prior to beginning the fellowship, fellows should have completed a masters-level degree in conservation. The fellowship candidate may be identified in advance of application by the host institution or recruited subsequently.

The program seeks to support a set of fellowships that offer:

A variety of specialty areas (paintings, paper, objects, etc.). Opportunities for graduates from a variety of graduate programs in the U.S. and Canada. Opportunities to work in a variety of institutions, from large municipal museums to university museums and other conservation facilities, as well as sites outside the U.S. Preference may be given to institutions that have not recently hosted Kress Fellows.

Fellows must be either a resident or citizen of the U.S. or Canada, or a recent graduate from a conservation graduate program in the U.S. or Canada. The Fellowship candidate may be identified in advance of application by the host institution or recruited subsequently. Priority is given to first-year requests, but outstanding projects that clearly outline benefits to the Fellow for a second year of Fellowship can be funded. Award notifications are normally made by April 1 and award payments are normally made by August 1. Scholarship Search