Disney Aspire Program

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Scholarship Description

As part of our educational opportunities, we’re investing in the futures of hourly employees and cast members with our education investment program, Disney Aspire. Through this program, we hope to foster passion through education, promote confidence, and help employees and cast members focus on what really matters – reaching their dreams. The Aspire has many benefits, such as flexible online courses (so you can balance school alongside what matters most to you) and exclusive opportunities to showcase your skills to our recruiters and hiring managers.

A major tenet of the Aspire Program is the fact that in involves educational reimbursement, which pays 100% tuition upfront at network schools for full-time and part-time hourly employees (dollar amounts will vary; contact Disney for more specific amounts). Other tenets include: reimbursed book and fee expenses; a catalog of hand-selected, high-outcome programs, continually updated to evolve with the career landscape; exclusive access to the Disney Aspire Alumni Association upon graduation; and a range of program types, from skilled trades to master's degree programs (two-years of study).

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