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U.S. Bank Student Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Win Scholarships with U.S. Bank's Gamified Financial Education Initiative: The U.S. Bank Student Scholarship, is for ambitious students across the United States. Tailored to reward academic excellence and alleviate tuition pressures, this scholarship offers high school seniors and current undergraduate students an opportunity to pursue their dreams without financial constraints.

Comprehensive Financial Support: Unlock opportunities to fund your higher education while enhancing your financial acumen. For the inaugural time, U.S. Bank aligns with an innovative gamified financial education application to grant scholarships! Engage in concise, impactful 1-2 minute in-app tutorials and delve into essential subjects like establishing a robust financial base, understanding higher education financing, and cultivating beneficial financial habits. Register, learn, and stand a chance to secure scholarships worth up to $20,000 with U.S. Bank. Dive in now!

Why Choose the U.S. Bank Student Scholarship?

Nationwide Recognition: Backed by one of the country's most reputable financial institutions, awardees gain a mark of distinction that stands out in academic and professional spheres.

Broad Eligibility: Welcoming applications from U.S. residents enrolled or accepted into accredited two or four year U.S. colleges or universities.

Diverse Awards:

Complete 35 modules: Enter to win up to $2,000 (Entry Period 1 and 2) Complete 100 modules: Enter to win up to $10,000 (Entry Period 1 and 2) Complete 200 modules: Enter to win up to $20,000 (Entry Period 2) A module is a bite-sized lesson that takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

Unlock your potential, and let your academic aspirations soar with the financial backing of the U.S. Bank Student Scholarship. Scholarship Search