Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Morgan State University

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Scholarship Description

The Featherstone HBCU College Scholarships at Morgan State University creates opportunities for high-performing students to tap much-needed funding so that attending a four-year, Historically Black College and University (HBCU) can be attainable. This year, the Featherstone Foundation will award six Featherstone HBCU Scholarships ($3,000 each) to high academic achieving students.

This scholarship aims to eliminate financial barriers to higher education and provide under-served communities with access to additional funding. This special award encourages first-generation college students, from economically challenged backgrounds, to pursue higher education and help level the playing field for inner-city students. To help support the many talented students in Baltimore City, this scholarship helps promote matriculation and student retention for those attending or seeking admission to HBCUs.

Scholarships are open to students from underrepresented communities, first-generation college students, and/or those with economic challenges to higher education. SAT/ACT scores will be considered and applicants should have a cumulative 3.0 or higher grade-point average (GPA). Scholarships are open to high school seniors who will start their first semester at Morgan State University, undergraduate students applying to transfer, as well as current MSU college freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Three awards are open to all majors; Three awards are earmarked for students from the School of Global Journalism and Communication. Students should demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities; and complete essays outlining career goals and aspirations. Applicants must be enrolled during the academic year the scholarship is awarded. Award winners are expected to attend an award ceremony.

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